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Study Day - Absolute No-Gos

Taboos, Maladies, Dilemmas and Aporias

Scholars report 10 minutes about a no-go in research and everyday life

An interdisciplinary study day at the 60th birthday of Prof. Christoph Schulte
with buffet and wine in the evening

Wednesday, 27th of June 2018, starting 3 p.m.
Potsdam University, Am Neuen Palais, Haus 11
outer terrace between the pillars over the outside staircase


Marie Behrendt (Potsdam), Dominique Bourel (Paris), Hannes Bezzel (Jena), Thomas Brechenmacher (Potsdam), Gideon Freudenthal (Jerusalem), Cathy Gelbin (Manchester), Ursula Goldenbaum (Atlanta), Johannes Haag (Potsdam), Hans Hafner (Potsdam), Willi Jasper (Berlin), Andreas Kennecke (Potsdam), Mona Körte (Bielefeld), Eva Lezzi (Berlin), Magdalena Marszałek (Potsdam), Thomas Meyer (Berlin), Mark Minnes (Hannover), Sina Rauschenbach (Potsdam), Dorothea Salzer (Potsdam), Wolf von Wolzogen (Potsdam)