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An illustration from the book "Kreuz und Quer durch die indische Welt" by John Hagenbeck

RAMPAGE – Professor Heiko Christians puts a current topic in perspective

They are acts of violence triggering exceptional horror and disbelief – shooting rampages often claim many lives. Most victims happen to be in the... more
The Australian Outback. Picture: Julia Gebhardt/Pixelio

Borders of the Unknown – Ludwig Leichhardt from Brandenburg on Expeditions through Australia

Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt was born in 1813 in Trebatsch, Brandenburg. At the age of 35, he disappeared during an expedition through the hot... more
Picture: Agnieszka Pufelska

The King, the Countess & the Bishop – A New Perspective on the Enlightenment and Relations between Poland and Prussia

Power games, machinations, political alliances and betrayal – the period of European Enlightenment was eventful with many ups and downs. In a research... more
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. Picture: Karla Fritze

Literature As Nourishment – Research on a New Spatial Understanding of the Holocaust

Trauma and space – literary scholar and philosopher Judith Kasper brings these two terms together in a research project funded by the DFG about the... more
Pic: Kerstin Littke

Caribbean Kaleidoscope

The Fascination of Moving Non-Centers
The Caribbean? Gorgeous. Who has not envisioned himself/herself lying in a hammock under palm trees at the ocean watching the sunset? Who has not... more
Photo: Karla Fritze

Scattered Heritage

German-Jewish Culture around the World
A chipped cup with a faded golden rim. An old teddy bear, a yellowed, shabby tablecloth. A poem, a letter, a historical Goethe edition – all these... more