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Sabine Wieluch


Sabine Wieluch
Photo: Sabine Wieluch

Sabine Wieluch studied media informatics with a focus on machine learning at the University of Ulm. There, she has been a doctoral student at the Institute for Neuroinformatics since April 2019 and is working on computational creativity.

Outside of research, she spends her time with generative art and is active in the maker and hacker scene. Her generative artwork has been featured in several international exhibitions. In November 2019, she received the "Förderpreis junge Ulmer Kunst'' and had her first solo exhibition at Museum Ulm. She documents her projects in regularly released videos on Youtube and reads, together with her colleague, the lecture "Sketching with Hardware" at the University of Ulm.

Sabine Wieluch
Photo: Sabine Wieluch

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