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Sexualized Harassment, Violence and Discrimination

As the Gender Equality Officer, I offer initial and referral counseling in cases of sexual harassment, violence, and discrimination. This means that I am the first contact person at the faculty if you have experienced a boundary violation. You decide for yourself how much you want to tell me about what you have experienced.
Referral counseling means that together we try to figure out what you need right now and then I refer you to appropriate agencies inside and outside the university. Whether you then contact them is entirely up to you. If you would like me to continue to accompany you in this process, I will of course do so.

In general, as the Equal Opportunity Officer, I only act at your request and treat everything you share with me confidentially.

What is sexualized harassment, violence and discrimination?

"Sexualized Discrimination and Violence (SDV for short) refers to any psychological, physical, or verbal behavior with sexual connotations that is perceived by the affected person as transgressive, i.e., unwanted and degrading/hurtful, or is intended to have that effect." (Bukof, 2018)

SDV is not only about rape, but it covers significantly more. For example, touching that was not wanted by the person involved, or saying things that hurt.

What behavior is transgressive, is individually different. The limits of the affected person are decisive here. Where these limits lie can never be seen from the outside, but must be found out through conversation. Only in this way can an action happen consensually.

On the page of the Bukof you can find more information about this like examples of SDV and some digressions, e.g. about benevolent sexism. Sadly this page is only available in german.

Non-affected institute and faculty members can also contact me with questions about sexualized harassment, violence and discrimination and the appropriate way to deal with it in studies and at work.

All counseling sessions can take place in the FQ lounge, by phone or via Zoom in German and English. If you would like to make an appointment for counseling, please contact me by e-mail at gleichstellungsbeauftragtehpi.uni-potsdamde.

Further information on dealing with sexualized harassment, violence, and discrimination, including contact persons, at the University of Potsdam can be found here (Sexualized Discrimination and Violence german only). The most important information can also be found in englisch in a flyer.

Currently, there is a complaint office for employees at the University of Potsdam according to the AGG paragraph 13. With the newly introduced anti-discrimination directive, students will also have the right to complain in the future.