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Master of Science

Students at group work

The interdisciplinary, English-language Master's degree program combines various computer science disciplines to address future-oriented challenges of our time.

This interdisciplinary English-language program is geared toward students of computer science and medicine who aim to work as experts at the interface between IT, computer science and medicine.

The master’s program trains IT managers for work in companies – particularly chief information officers (CIOs), system architects, project managers and IT startup founders.

The Cybersecurity master's program centers on researching and developing a new generation of security policies, methods and techniques for monitoring and securing complex IT infrastructures.

This program provides in-depth knowledge of the scientific foundations of computer science and teaches the theoretical, methodological and practical skills necessary to work with complex IT systems.

The English-language Master is the right program for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in one of the most state-of the-art fields in​​​​​​​ computer science.

*subject to approval by the MWFK