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FQ Lounge @ HPI

FQ Lounge
Photo: Lisa Ihde

The FQ Lounge is the place for gender equality work at HPI. Here I, the Gender Equality Officer, have my office where we can be found during our meetings. There is also a corner with comfortable armchairs and a sofa that can be used both as a consultation corner and as a communication zone for relaxing or working. The sofa is also a good place to take a short nap in between, and soft cozy blankets are provided.

The carpet in front of the sofa is very fluffy - to keep it that way please take off your street shoes - and offers a surface on which e.g. children can play. We have some toys and children's books ready. In addition, it is of course possible to use the room to breastfeed or feed a child.

For all people with menstrual bleeding we will store some hygiene articles such as pads and tampons there, which can be picked up free of charge when needed.


FQ stands for Female Quotient and is a movement for the advancement of women that has developed and spread in the US.The aim was to increase the number of female speakers at specialist conferences in order to better represent women in our field of research. To this end, workshops and talks were offered to interested female visitors at various conferences. This was so well received by organizers and visitors that these workshops and talks were also offered to universities and industrial partners. The people in charge joined together under the label FQ and thus built up a network that covers several continents today.

An important component of this movement is the desire to create a physical space for the promotion of women to achieve equality. This has been accomplished through the creation of comfortable lounges that invite anyone to spend some time there, and where the topics are presented in a tangible way (in the form of posters and books, for example). In many places, events such as talks and workshops are also held in these lounges.

We, the Gender Equality Officers, established the "FQ Lounge @ HPI" in October 2019 and set it up in room H-E.6 of the main building. Although the room is a bit too small for talks and workshops, we will still try to present equality work for you there and make the room as inviting and comfortable as possible.

FQ Lounge
Photo: Lisa Ihde

Everyone is welcome in the FQ Lounge – come by!

Available books

On the white shelves in the FQ Lounge you will find books on the topics of women empowerment, programming, LGBTQ+, role models, career paths and also some of the books that the female speakers of the "Women in Tech" events recommended to us. You can read or borrow these books. If you borrow them, please send us an email to gleichstellungsbeauftragtehpide so we can mark them as „on loan“ below.

You are welcome to send us further book suggestions by mail at any time.

power women

Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet

Claire L. Evans


Hidden Figures

Margot Lee Shetterly


Power Women

Kay Woodward


Die Kanzlerin

Evelyn Roll

Mit Wagemut und Wissensdurst: Die ersten Frauen in Universitäten und Berufen

Felicitas von Aretin


Kick-Ass Women: 52 wahre Heldinnen

Mackenzi Lee


Galaxy Girls: 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space

Libby Jackson



Michelle Obama

In the Shadow of Man

Jane Goodall


Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II

Liza Mundy

Women in Game Development: Breaking the Glass Level-Cap

Jennifer Brandes Hepler


Supergirls: The women who rise above social stigmas to code, build, and dominate tech

Sophie Maniscalco


The Book of Awesome Women

Becca Anderson



Ellen Ullman


Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Rachel Ignotofsky


Nevertheless, She Persisted: True Stories of Women Leaders in Tech

Pratima Rao Gluckman


Megan Smith (Women in Science & Technology)

Robin Michal Koontz


Rise of the Rocket Girls

Nathalia Holt

The Rise of the Cyber Women

Lisa Ventura

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World: Gift Edition

Kate Pankhurst




The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World

Melinda Gates

Yalla, Feminismus!

Reyhan Şahin


Eine Frau schaut auf Männer, die auf Frauen schauen

Siri Hustvedt


Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley

Emily Chang


Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger

Soraya Chemaly

Es kann nur eine geben

Carolin Kebekus


Invisible Women

Caroline Criado Perez


Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace (BORROWED)

David G. Smith, W. Brad Johnson

Wenn Männer mir die Welt erklären

Rebecca Solnit

Uncanny Valley

Anne Wiener

The Future of Tech Is Female

Douglas M. Branson

Was Männer nie gefragt werden: Ich frage trotzdem mal

Fränzi Kühne

Career, Management, Lifestyle

She Made It: The Toolkit for Female Founders in the Digital Age

Angelica Malin


Female Empowerment - Women in Tech: Frauen helfen Frauen mit Tipps zu Karriere, Mindset & Führung

Sabrina von Nessen


Becoming Leaders: A Practical Handbook for Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology

Ph.D. Williams, F. Mary

Nur wer sichtbar ist, findet auch statt

Tijen Onaran

Die Netzwerkbibel: Zehn Gebote für erfolgreiches Networking

Tijen Onaran

Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories

Tarah Wheeler (BORROWED)


Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet

Sheryl Sandberg

Business-Knigge für Frauen

Anke Quittschau / Christina Taberning


Unbewusste Bias in der medialen Darstellung von Top-Managerinnen

Hering Schuppener

100 Days vom Traum zum Start-up

Katharina Baumann

Die ersten 100 Tage im neuen Job

Ch. Tabernig/A. Quittschau

Business-Knigge: Die 100 wichtigsten Benimmregeln

A. Quittschau / Ch. Tabering

Lebe nach deinen eigenen Regeln

Vishen Lakhiani


Weiblich, erfolgreich, MINT 2020

Michael Hies und Kristina Folz

Von der Magie deine eigene Heldin zu sein

Frau Herz


Tim Reichel

Zeitbewusst: Selbstbestimmtes Zeitmanagement für Frauen (BORROWED)

Julie Westphal

Mission Female: Frauen. Macht. Karriere

Frederike Probert

Sketchnotes - Visuelle Notizen für Alles

Nadine Roßa

Tech Boss Lady: How to Start-up, Disrupt, and Thrive as a Female Founder

Adriana Gascoigne



Female Money: wie Investorinnen der Start-up Welt verwandeln

Katja Ruhnke

Money Makers: Wie du die Börse für dich entdecken kannst (BORROWED)

Aya Jaff

Wie Frauen ihre Finanzen selbst in die Hand nehmen können

Natascha Wegelin

How to be a Rich Girl: Das 1x1 der Geldanlage in Aktien und ETFs für Frauen (BORROWED)

Laura Kim Kuhlemann

Rente mit 40: Finanzielle Freiheit und Glück durch Frugalismus

Florian Wagner

Intelligent Investieren

Benjamin Graham

Dein Wegweiser durch den Finanzdschungel

Veronica Halama, Ann-Kathrin Böhmer


Louisa Mittag



Introduction to Modern Cryptography

Jonathan Katz, Yehuda Lindell

SQL von Kopf bis Fuß

Lynn Beighley

Schrödinger programmiert Python

Stephan Elter

Python Guide: Clear Introduction to Python Programming and Machine Learning

Alex Campbell

Cracking the Coding Interview

Gayle Laakmann McDowell

Grundkurs Theoretische Informatik

Stefan Neubert

Wie Maschinen lernen: Künstliche Intelligenz verständlich erklärt

Kristian Kersting, Christoph Lampert, Constantin Rothkopf

Algorithmen Java

Algorithmen C++

Meine eigene Homepage für Dummies Junior

Lisa Ihde, Daniel-Amadeus Johannes Glöckner

Keine P@nik, ist nur Technik (BORROWED)

Kenza Ait Si Abbou


Algorithmen kapieren (BORROWED)

Aditya Y. Bhargava


Code Like a Girl

Miriam Peskowitz


Fit fürs Studium – Informatik

Stefan Neubert, Arne Boockmeyer, Philipp Fischbeck

3D-Grafiken designen und animieren

Lisa Ihde, Daniel-Amadeus Johannes Glöckner


Rassismus an Hochschulen

Daniela Heitzmann, Kathrin Houda

Eingeschrieben: Zeichen setzen gegen Rassismus an deutschen Hochschulen

Emily Ngubia Kuria

I Am Not a Label

Cerrie Burnell

The abc’s of LGBT

Ash Hardell

Handbuch zur Gleichstellungspolitik

Eva Blome, Alexandra Erfmeier, Nina Gülcher, Sandra Smykalla

A Global Approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical, Computing, and Natural Sciences

Colette Guillopé

Children's books



Kobi Yamada

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

Marlon Bundo


Das NEINhorn

Marc-Uwe Kling

Lustige Kribbel-Krabbel Tere


Mach mal auf und schau mal rein!



Ada Lovelace (Little People, BIG DREAMS)

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara