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Special Prize of the Gender Equality Officers (abbreviation: GBA SP)

Photo: Lisa Ihde

Similar to the prize awarded by the student representatives at the Digital Engineering Faculty, we, as Gender Equality Officers (GBA), award a prize to people who support us in our equal opportunities work to a large extent. The prize is called the "Special Prize of the Gender Equality Officers" or "GBA SP" for short in German. However, we are not giving away the popular "GBA SP" gaming console, but rather our recognition of your commitment to equal opportunities or our gratitude for supporting our work.

Every year, we therefore award this prize to students, staff or professors who have excelled in their work with the GBAs or who have worked to achieve greater equality for under-represented groups. This prize will be awarded for the first time in 2020.


Photo: Lisa Ihde

2020: Facility Management Group

Last year, room H-E.6 was cleared out, painted and redecorated in record time to house the Female Quotient Lounge at HPI. This was only possible thanks to the energetic support of the FM team. In addition to the big 20 year anniversary celebration of the HPI, they found time to help us with our project. In this context, a lot had to be moved and dismantled, as H-E.6 had been home to the external teaching staff who were to move into the small club room. The club inventory from the small club room had to be merged with another club room. Like an avalanche, this small project triggered a great deal of issues. Nevertheless, the team helped us in a super friendly way and always with a smile on their face, so we are very proud to work with such wonderful people. Every e-mail request, no matter how small, was handled immediately and we are always happy to welcome the team to the FQ Lounge. Thank you for being there!


2021: Ronja Wagner & Jessica Ziegler

Behind the scenes, a lot has happened this year, and two students have been particularly active in supporting us in our work as Gender Equality Officers.
As many of you probably know, in addition to our "Women in Tech" event series, we have the task of sitting on various committees at the University of Potsdam. We would like to sincerely thank Jessica Ziegler, student in the ITSE bachelor, who regularly represented us in the Senate Commission for Equal Opportunities (CGK). With only two GBAs elected last year, we desperately needed helping hands like Jessica's.
In addition, despite two full online semesters, we had few on site commitments awaiting us in the FQ Lounge. With the help of Ronja Wagner, also a student in the ITSE Bachelor, we were able to realize a project idea that had been floating around in our heads for a long time. Ronja worked with us to develop a door design for the FQ Lounge, which has now been completed and installed. And the next project with Ronja is in the pipeline, so stayed tuned!