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Student Projects


What should I consider when planning a project? 

The administration of the Zessko makes decisions about the execution of a project in Studiumplus. Once each semester, on May 15 and November 15, there is a call for proposals within the University for student projects. Project planning and the submission of an application always take place one semester in advance.

What is included in an application?

1. Cover page

2. Objectives and tasks

3. Participants

4. Justification for inclusion in Studiumplus

5. Identification of key competences to be acquired

6. Planned approach

7. Schedule

8. Vote from a University lecturer

9. Project results

10. Budget

11. Signature

12. Project description for PULS

Applications for admission into the Studiumplus module and for financial support are submitted in analog (with original signature) and digital formats to the Studiumplus Office. 

Postal address: 

University of Potsdam 


Am Neuen Palais 10 

14469 Potsdam or (mailbox) 


Digital (please only pdf files): 

Dr. Ljuba Kirjuchina

The administration of the Zessko only considers complete applications. Please check your applications for completeness and take advantage of our advising services! Pay attention to pagination. 

A project is considered completed only if an evaluation report is submitted to the Zessko. The report should reflect on the results and the process of acquiring the competence. We recommend using a SWOT analysis for evaluating project results. The list of participants will be included in the report.