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Acquisition of Key Competences

Regulations for Studiumplus from Winter Semester 2009/10

Here you can download the regulations for Studiumplus as PDF file (in German).

The acquisition of key competences is organized into two phases:

Basic Phase

in which competences are acquired that create the basic conditions for successful university studies and individual career planning (12 CP)

Advanced Phase

that teaches competences related to respective professional fields. (18 CP)


Basic Phase

The mandatory basic phase includes the following modules:

  • Self-assessment and planning
  • Academic work and writing
  • Communication, presentation, mediation

and - depending on the student’s choice - modules in

  • Foreign languages or
  • Digital information processing and visualization

Discipline-specific regulations set the rules for completing the basic phase.

Advanced Phase

In the advanced phase of Studiumplus, from 6 to 18 credit points can be earned in coursework. The number of modules and the scope of credit points planned for Studiumplus are governed in the discipline-specific course regulations. We recommend that you plan the acquisition of key competences in accordance with the requirements of the professional field you are studying to enter.

The advanced phase in Studiumplus includes the following modules:

  • Culture, history, interculturality
  • Art, religion, philosophy 
  • Matter, environment, energy
  • State and law 
  • Politics, economics, and society 
  • Gender, origin, age 
  • Animus, anima, corpus
  • Digital information processing and visualization
  • Foreign language 
  • Communication, presentation, mediation