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Acquisition of Key Competences

BAMA-O Catalog Studiumplus from Winter Semester 2013/14

Key competences include:

Basic academic competences

for a total of 12 credit points; these are taught on an interdisciplinary basis and are defined in the discipline-specific regulations.

Profession-specific competences

for a total of 18 credit points.

Profession-specific key competences include the acquisition of

  • interdisciplinary skills and abilities with direct benefit for various professional fields as well as university studies
  • methods and strategies of interdisciplinary and problem-solving-oriented thinking and working
  • knowledge related to your professional field
  • the ability to orient oneself in social situations and to participate in an appropriate way.

The key competences specific to a professional field can be acquired in Studiumplus modules, which offer from 6 to 18 credit points. The number of modules and the scope of credit points planned for Studiumplus are governed in the discipline-specific course regulations. We recommend that you plan the acquisition of key competences in accordance with the requirements of the professional field you are studying to enter.

The following modules are available in Studiumplus to students for the acquisition of profession-specific key competences:

Module catalog

Here you can find the module catalog (in German, please see "Interdisciplinary Regulations" --> "Key Competences / Studiumplus in Bachelor’s Programs (excluding teacher education)").

  • A successful start in university studies for international students
  • Student projects
  • Intercultural communication
  • Foreign language I
  • Foreign language II
  • Docendo discimus I
  • Docendo discimus II
  • Politics, economics, and society
  • Literatures, languages, religions, and cultures
  • Introduction to the natural sciences
  • Law for non-lawyers
  • Education, society, culture
  • Introduction to gender research
  • Gender in text and context
  • Gender in interdisciplinary fields
  • Internship
  • Internship preparation and review module
  • Instruments for quality assurance
  • Digital information processing, design, and visualization