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Main research areas

  • Language contact and variation
  • Language change
  • Linguistic diversity and language preservation
  • Language and tourism 

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8. Since 06/2023:  Red de Diversida Lingüistica en Colombia (ReDiLeC): Transatlantic exchange network of researchers on the topic of linguistic diversity in Colombia.

7. Since 10/2022: Limits of variability in Spanish relative complementation: new subproject at the CRC 1287 (SFB 1287) "Limits of Variability in language", with Patrick Auhagen and Iñaki Cano.

6. Since 2021: Lengua y Turismo:  Co-operation project with Maria del Mar Vanrell Bosch and Mercè PicornelUniversitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), Palma de Mallorca.

5. 09/2020-12/2021: "Multilingualism for social inclusion in the European classroom"

  • Research project in co-operation with Inmaculada Solís García, Christina Muriel Samson (Università di Firenze), Alice Corr, Eleni Mariou (University of Birmingham), Maricarmen Parafita Couto, Eduardo Alves Vieira (Universiteit Leiden) and Aline Willems (Universität zu Köln) as part of the EUniWell Seed Funding Calls.

4. 01/2017-12/2020: SFB-Project on "Prominence marking and language contact in Spanish im SFB 1252, Prominence in Language, University of Cologne.

3. Since 12/2017: Membership in thematic network: Español en contacto con otras lenguas: variación y cambio lingüístico

  • Proyecto inscrito en el marco del Grupo de investigación de la UAM “CAMBIO LINGÜÍSTICO EN SITUACIONES DE CONTACTO” (HUM F-022) coordinado por Azucena Palacios desde 2006

2. 2012-2018: Habilitation project on the language contact between Spanish and Yucatecan Maya in Yucatán and Quintana Roo, Mexico (partial overlap with Projekt A5, SFB 1252)

1. 2007-2010 PhD project on the incremental interpretation of French nominalisation suffixes in the SFB 732, Incremental Specification in Context, University of Stuttgart.

  •  Contrastive study of the French nominalisation suffixes -age and -ment
  • Moderate-emergent morphological model
  • Monosemantic analysis of -age and -ment
  • Synchronous empirical investigation in a 3,000,000-word corpus from FRANTEXT
  • Diachronic empirical analysis using 7 3,000,000-word corpora (NCA and 6 FRANTEXT-Corpora)

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Colloquia, conferences and workshops

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