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MA. Cuauhtemoc Jesus Dominguez Gomez

PhD. Candidate at Newcastle University in the field of Applied Linguistics

Main research interests

  • Heritage language and language dominance
  • Multilingualism in the EFL classroom
  • The Science of Learning in EFL classrooms

Profile in ResearchGate

Project at the University Potsdam

During his stay in Potsdam, Cuauhtemoc collaborates with the CRC-project C09 on Limits of variability in Spanish relative complementation where he is engaged in a study concerning the linguistic dominance exhibited by bilingual individuals residing in the Peninsula of Yucatan, where a heritage language (Mayan) and Spanish intersect. The objective of this research entails the utilization of a refined iteration of the Bilingual Language Profile (BLP) test alongside a customized adaptation of the Multilingual Naming Test (MINT). These assessments will be administered to a cohort comprising 10 bilingual subjects proficient in both Yucatec Spanish and Maya T’aan. The primary aim is to evaluate their prevailing language dominance and subsequently generate a contemporary, comprehensive bilingual profile characteristic of Mayan/Spanish speakers. Additionally, this study seeks to analyse the linguistic choices made by bilingual individuals when employing locative relative complementation in Spanish. Specifically, this entails scrutinizing the usage of "en el que" (in which), "en que" (in that), "donde" (where), and "que" (that).