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Chair of Spanish and French Linguistics

Teamfoto des Lehrstuhls, von links nach rechts: Jan Fliessbach, Melanie Uth, Beatrice Voigt, Laura Picarún, Iñaki Cano, Felix Post, Ana María Reyes-Vujović, Patrick Auhagen, Patricia Graziani, Wojciech Lewandowski, Álvaro Ugarte und Miriam Rettelbach.
Photo: Felix Post.

We are an international team of linguists with a special interest in Romance and American languages and cultures.

We research and publish on topics including linguistic variability, language contact and multilingualism, syntax and pragmatics of interrogative sentences, intonation and information structure, as well as the preservation of indigenous languages and other topics concerning linguistic and cultural diversity and sustainability.

We offer courses for Romance languages and cross-linguistic courses on diverse linguistic and interdisciplinary topics, about which you can inform yourself on the individual faculty pages if you are interested. We also focus on the implementation of international courses using and further developing digital methods.

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News from the Chair

New publication by Jan Fliessbach, Rodrigo Gutiérrez-Bravo and Melanie Uth in February: the article "On the incompatibility of object fronting and progressive aspect in Yucatec Maya"  was published in Frontiers in Language Sciences.

New publication by Wojciech Lewandowski and Ozcaliskan Seyda: The article "Translating motion events across physical and metaphorical spaces in structurally similar versus structurally different languages" was published in the journal Metaphor & Symbol.

As part of the "Forschungscolloquium Romanistische Sprachwissenschaft"Melanie Uth, Patrick Auhagen and Iñaki Cano will give a lecture on "Exploring the limits of variability in Spanish relative complementation - first results" at the FU Berlin on January 17 2024.