Chair of Spanish and French Linguistics

Bild von Prof. Dr. Melanie Uth, Iñaki Cano García, Patrick Auhagen, Johanna Rockstroh,Jan Fliessbach, Patricia Graziani und Beatrice Voigt aus einem Zoom-Treff.
Photo: Iñaki Cano

We are an international team of linguists with a special interest in Romance and American languages and cultures.

We research and publish on topics including linguistic variability, language contact and multilingualism, syntax and pragmatics of interrogative sentences, intonation and information structure, as well as the preservation of indigenous languages and other topics concerning linguistic and cultural diversity and sustainability.

We offer courses for Romance languages and cross-linguistic courses on diverse linguistic and interdisciplinary topics, about which you can inform yourself on the individual faculty pages if you are interested. We also focus on the implementation of international courses using and further developing digital methods.

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News from the Chair

Our project Limits of variability in Spanish relative complementation was approved by the DFG, German Research Foundation! For about 3 years, Patrick Auhagen, Iñaki Cano and PI Melanie Uth, together with six international cooperation partners,  will research the limits of variability in Spanish relative clauses within the framework of CRC 1287, Limits of variability in language.

Friday, 23.09.2022: « Les mots populaires » zwischen Wörterbuch und Sprachkorpus. Lecture by Melanie Uth and Sascha Diversy at the 13th Congress of the French Romance Association, University of Vienna.

24.08.2022: A press report on Mallorca-Potsdam teaching cooperation by Melanie Uth and Iñaki Cano with the University of the Balearic Islands was published in "Neues aus der UP" (in German).

Bild vom Haus 19 in Campus Am Neuen Palais.

Important informations for students

For administrative questions that cannot be answered by reading the study regulations, please contact: whk-uthuni-potsdamde.

Further information and guidelines (written assignments, Bachelor's and Master's theses, dates and deadlines, etc.) can be found here.

On the lecturers' pages are provided their office hours and registration modalities.

SFB 1287 - C09: Limits of Variability in Spanish Relative Complementation

Collaborative Research Centre Project with Patrick Auhagen, Iñaki Cano and Prof. Dr. Melanie Uth (PI). Additional information can be found on the website of the project.