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Dr. Jan Fliessbach

Picture of Jan Fliessbach
Photo: private

Department of Romance Linguistics
(French / Spanish)

Institut für Romanistik

Am Neuen Palais 10
Haus 19, Raum 4.34
14469 Potsdam

Tel.: +49 331 977-4133
Fax: +49 331 977-4193

E-mail: jan.fliessbachuni-potsdamde

Picture of Jan Fliessbach
Photo: private

Consultation time during the summer term 2023

For a consultation appointment, please write me an e-mail (jan.fliessbachuni-potsdamde) stating your topic.

Latest publications

  • Fliessbach, Jan; Martínez García, Nuria; Uth, Melanie (accepted): The production of post-lexical prosodic prominence in Yucatec Maya and its perception by speakers of Yucatecan Spanish. In International Journal of American Linguistics (IJAL).
  • Fliessbach, Jan (accepted): Mirativity, obviousness, and reversal as instances of contrast on different levels of meaning. Evidence from Spanish intonation. In Jorina Brysbaert, Karen Lahousse (Eds.): On the role of contrast in Information Structure. Definition, types, encoding and annotation. Berlin: de Gruyter (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs/TiLSM).
  • Fliessbach, J. (2023). The intonation of expectations: On marked declaratives, exclamatives, and discourse particles in Castilian Spanish. Open Romance Linguistics: Vol. 3. Berlin: Language Science Press.
  • Fliessbach, J. (2021). Intonational meaning in Spanish: A dynamic semantics perspective on prosodically marked declaratives, exclamatives, and discourse particles. Dissertation. Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin. 
  • Feldhausen, I., Fliessbach, J., & Vanrell, M. d. M. (Eds.). (2018). Studies in Laboratory Phonology: Vol. 6. Methods in prosody: A Romance language perspective. Berlin: Language Science Press.