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Information for Students

Written Assignments

Instructions for the composition of written assignments can be downloaded HERE (in German).

Even though the exam format of a written assignment is not connected to a course, it is strongly recommended that they be written in connection with a seminar currently being attended. In any case, the following information must be included on the title page for written assignments of any kind:

1. name of the author, matriculation number, address and e-mail

2. name of the examiner

3. period of examination (semester of submission)

4. name of the module

5. study program

6. study subject.

Additional information can be found on the pages of the Institute for Romance Studies.

What do I have to consider when preparing a written assignment?

  • When do I write the assignment?

Normally, the written assignment should finalise the module. That means you have attended and successfully completed all of the courses in the module before you can start the written assignment. This does not exclude that you might already be certain about the general topic of the written assignment after having completed the first course because it is related to its content.

  • How do I register for the written assignment? Who do I register the written assignment with?

You have to register your assignment on your own on the platform Puls in the category module exams. There, you have to select a lecturer as your examiner. Before the registration, it is important that you have consulted the lecturer.

  • Is the written assignment linked to the attendance of a course?

No, the written assignments are assignments that you accomplish outside the course. However, it is strongly recommended that they be written in connection with a seminar currently being attended


Handling PULS

If you have questions or problems regarding PULS, please visit the PULS Help Pages (currently only available in German).

Other academic and administrative topics

For any question that cannot be answered by reading your  Study Regulation, please contact with the address whk-uthuni-potsdamde.