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Projects and talks

Projects as PI

  • 2023-2028. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).Heisenberg Programme. Gesturing with two languages at hand: How gesture reflects and facilitates second language learning.
  • 2020-2022. Humboldt Foundation Individual Postdoc. Motion events cross-linguistically: Delimiting atypical variation patterns. Leipzig University.
  • 2019-2020. Beatriu de Pinós of the Catalan Government. Motion events again: Delimiting constructional patterns. Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • 2016-2018. Marie Curie Individual Postdoc.Construction grammar meets typology: From theory to teaching. University of Copenhagen.
  • 2015-2016. Danish Council for Independent Research Postdoc.Inter- and intra-typological variation of macro-events. University of Copenhagen.
  • 2006-2010. CatalanGovernment/European Social Fundpredoctoral grant (FI). La alternancia locativa en castellano y polaco: un análisis tipológico-construccional. Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Projects as team member

  • 2022-2026. Spanish Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness. Microparameters and Networks in Romance Variation. Prof. Ángel Gallego & Prof. Jaume Mateu, PIs. Autonomous University of Barcelona. PID2021-123617-C41.
  • 2018-2021. Spanish Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness/European FEDER funds. Conceptos, estructuras y sonidos: una aproximación pluralista a los ingredientes esenciales del lenguaje humano. Prof. Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano & Prof. Luis Mendívil, PIs. University of Zaragoza. FFI2017-82460-P.
  • 2018-2021. Spanish Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness/European FEDER funds. Redes de variación microparamétricas en las lenguas románicas. Prof. Ángel Gallego & Prof. Jaume Mateu, PIs. Autonomous University of Barcelona. FFI2017-87140-C4.
  • 2006-2011. Spanish Ministry of Education/European FEDER funds.Microvariación en la estructura oracional. Prof. José María Brucart, PI.  Autonomous University of Barcelona. HUM2006-13295-C02-02.
  • 2006-2010. European Cooperation in Science & Technology.Crosslinguistically robust stages of children’s linguistic performance. COST Action 33.
  • 2003-2006. Spanish Ministry Science & Technology.Gramática comparada del español y del catalán. Prof. Ma Lluïsa Hernanz, PI. Autonomous University of Barcelona. €161,232. BFF2003-08364-C02-02.

Talks (selection)

  • June 2023. Spatial events in native and second language production contexts. Potsdam University. Guest lecture at Zentrum Sprache-Variation-Mehrsprachigkeit.
  • November 2022. Learning L2 patterns in speech & gesture. Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). UR-Ling research seminar.
  • May 2022. Specificity of event expression in monolinguals and bilinguals. Aarhus University. Workshop Typological contrasts and their impact on cognition, language learning and bilingual mediation.
  • April 2019. How language type influences patterns of motion expression in bilingual speakers. University of Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain). 14th International Symposium of Psycholinguistics. (with Seyda Ozcaliskan)
  • February 2018. Boundary crossing in German, Polish and Spanish: cross-linguistic variation and SLA. University of Texas at Austin. Constructionist Approaches to Language Pedagogy 3.
  • September 2017. Motion events again: lexicalization patterns or constructions? University of Texas at Austin. 17th Texas Linguistic Society Conference.