PotsdamPero Group Members

Vincent M. Le Corre (Postdoc)

My research interest is mainly focused on understanding the device physics of organic and perovskite solar cells. To do so I use simulation tools, mainly drift-diffusion modeling, to understand the limitation of state-of-the-art devices. By reproducing the experimental results with the simulations we can bring a clearer picture of what happens within the device and target the main limitations for future optimization. I also use the simulation to refine our analysis of classical measurements when applied to perovskites as their ability to transport both electronic and ionic charges usually strongly influences those measurements.


Pietro Caprioglio (PhD Student/Postdoc)

My research aims in the realization of monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells on textured wafer surfaces that are utilized for optimum light management. To pursue my goal I will develop new strategies to process inorganic-organic perovskite films on textured silicon surfaces. Additionally, my research focuses on the fundamental physical understanding of the film formation and of the transport and recombination of charges in this type of tandem structure.


Christian M. Wolff (PhD Student/Postdoc)

My interest lies in the fundamental understanding of working-principles and loss-mechanisms in perovskite solar cells. I try to understand the interplay between the perovskite absorber material and the adjacent organic transport layers, on time scales ranging from ps to steady-state conditions. In particular I use (transient) optical/electronical measurement techniques to assess the dynamics of charge carriers in films, single crystals and working solar cell, and to use this knowledge to optimize the multilayer architecture.


Emilio Gutierrez-Partida (PhD Student)

I am interested in the various recombination processes in the perovskite solar cells and I try to understand the main performance limitations in these devices. Attacking these problems from a material science point of view is my main focus. I am looking forward for a company to take perovskite solar cells to a industry level therefore, I am also interested in studying degradation mechanism, tandems and upscaling.


Carlos Peña Camargo (PhD Student)


Meysam Raoufi (PhD Student)

My research aim is to study the energetics and transfer of charge carriers, across an electronically hybrid interface. Tuning the energetics of the inorganic surface by applying self-assembled monolayers, mixing molecules with different electrostatic dipoles, incorporating photo-switchable molecules which results in control over the energetics at the organic/inorganic interface.


Max Grischek (PhD Student)

My research is focused on all-inorganic perovskites for highly efficient tandem solar cells. To this end, I make use of photoluminescence measurement techniques to determine the efficiency potential of perovskite films and to conduct detailed loss analysis in comparison to organic-inorganic perovskites. My main affiliation is with the Young Investigator Group Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.


Jakob Wolanski (Master Student)


Jonas Diekmann (Bachelor Student)