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Research Topics of the (Radiation) Tolerant Electronics with Soft Semiconductors Group

Our research ranges from fundamental investigations of novel soft semiconductors, be it halide-based perovskites, double perovskites, or rudorffites and their tolerance to various stresses, ranging from mechanical to extreme temperatures and radiation. We combine research on the working-, degradation- and self-healing mechanisms with the development of concrete technologies. Here our activities rang from novel radiation detectors for medical imaging to a next generation of space photovoltaics and flexible electronics. Together with the TU Berlin and the chair of space technologies, we further aim for first tests in space to show and test whether soft semiconductors tolerate the most extreme environments.

Overview of the 4 Research Topics of the ROSI group: Tolerant soft semiconductors, radiation detectors, space photovoltaics and novel electronics
Picture: Felix Lang
Overview over our Research Interests