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Articles on the War in Ukraine

Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has catapulted Europe and the world into a new era. It is not yet clear how profound the consequences will be. Researchers at the University of Potsdam want to contribute to a better understanding and classification of the events.

Statue of Justice against blurred background.

Prohibiting the Truth by Law

Prof. Dr. Christoph Wagner on the Freedom of the Media and the Judiciary in the Russian Federation | Photo: AdobeStock/Corgarashu

The military historian Prof. Dr. Sönke Neitzel at the interview.

“Secret Intelligence is Rarely Completely Secret”

Military Historian Sönke Neitzel on the Role of the Intelligence Services in the Ukraine War | Photo: Thomas Roese

Portrait von Prof. Dr. Magdalena Marszałek. Das Foto ist privat.

“The readiness to help is overwhelming”

Magdalena Marszałek on Poland’s perspective on the war in Ukraine | Photo: privat

The picture shows Alexander Wöll, Professor for the Culture and Literature of Central and Eastern Europe. The photo is from Tobias Hopfgarten.

“The current developments stand within a centuries-old tradition”

Slavist Studies scholar Prof. Dr. Alexander Wöll on the war in Ukraine | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten