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Corporate Design

The University of Potsdam strives to put forward a unified image that is professional and conceptually coordinated with its centralized Corporate Design. Our high standards for research and teaching also apply to our internal and external communications. The UP’s self-image – young, modern, forward-looking – is conveyed in a uniform way in the media landscape, yet in a way that also incorporates the particularities of different target groups. 

The University of Potsdam’s Corporate Design sets the foundation for a consistent image, both in print and online. It contains for example the guidelines for the logo, fonts, and the University colors. Compliance with the Corporate Design is mandatory.

Alle Druckerzeugnisse unterliegen den Gestaltungsregeln des Printdesigns

Printdesign (Intranet)

Print design governs the appearance of all printed products, including business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, and informational materials.

Veröffentlichungen im Web unterliegen den Gestaltungsregeln des Webdesigns

Webdesign (Intranet)

Web design governs the appearance of publications by the UP’s organizational units on the Internet.