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Welcome to PEELx!

Develop a startup idea in an interdisciplinary team with our workshop. Use design thinking and lean startup methods to develop successful business models and validate impact ideas. Learn how to communicate effectively with customers and present ideas .Collaborate with other participants in an inspiring environment and learn from successful alumni. Our workshop is open to students, alumni and employees worldwide. Apply now and discover the world of innovation - no prior knowledge required!

PEELx: What is it about?

Develop a research-based start-up idea in an interdisciplinary team. 

  • Use design thinking to develop a successful business model.
  • Apply lean startup methods.
  • Validate impact ideas for the EXIST start-up grant.
  • Learn how to talk to customers, develop solutions and present ideas.
  • Work in a team to further develop an early-stage idea.
  • Meet successful alumni from our community.

PEELx is a business modelling workshop where you will use design thinking methods. You will gain an initial understanding of innovation techniques that can also be applied in your own research project, your day-to-day work or your own startup idea. 
The face-to-face workshop is open to students, alumni and employees worldwide. Apply as an idea generator to further develop your idea or as a participant to contribute your expertise. No prior knowledge is necessary.




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