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Knowledge transfer

Mädchen vor Posterwand mit roten Post-its
Photo: Thomas Roese

Sharing and passing on knowledge not only creates innovations. Research gains more visibility, new input is generated and society's acceptance of science increases. Potsdam Transfer encourages scientists at the University of Potsdam to pass on knowledge and communicate it in a comprehensible way, and passes on its own knowledge and methodological skills.

Knowledge transfer to education

Project-oriented competences

In today's fast-paced world, it is beneficial for young people to learn how to turn their ideas into concrete projects. In a cooperation with the Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium Potsdam, we support pupils in developing their creativity and project-oriented thinking. During a workshop day, the young people are given presentation skills and creative methods to help them get their first own project off the ground.

Knowledge transfer to society

Science communication helps to strengthen trust in science and promote the acceptance of scientific findings in society. It enables people to actively engage with scientific topics, make informed decisions and participate in social debates. Potsdam Transfer promotes the Science Slam as a format of science communication.

In contrast to a classic scientific lecture, the science slam is not only about communicating facts, but also about entertaining the audience. The lectures are often humorous, interactive and use various creative elements such as music, pictures or experiments to captivate the audience. The Science Slam offers scientists a stage to make their work accessible to a broad audience and allows the audience to gain insights into current research topics in an entertaining way and to get in touch with the scientists.