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We are the people behind Potsdam Transfer

Gruppenfoto vom Team von Potsdam Transfer im Foyer
Photo: Kevin Ryl

We are pleased to introduce our dedicated and competent team that is passionate about promoting knowledge and technology transfer between science, society and business. With our broad range of expertise and many years of experience, we are proud to be a key player in Potsdam's innovation landscape.

Our team consists of highly qualified experts who have extensive know-how in the areas of technology transfer, start-up support, patent management and project management. Each team member contributes their individual strengths and skills to provide you with the best possible support and turn innovative ideas into reality. Contact us!


Portraitfoto Sascha Thormann

Sascha Thormann

Phone: +49 331 977-3867
E-mail: sascha.thormannuni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 0.06

Head of Startup Service

Portraitfoto von Johannes Zier

Johannes Zier

Phone: +49 331 977-1720
E-mail: johannes.zieruni-potsdamde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.23

Entrepreneurship Education Management

Portraitfoto von Anita Knappe

Anita Knappe

Phone: +49 331 977-3865
E-mail: anita.knappeuni-potsdamde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.18

Startup advisors

Portraitfoto von Paavo Günther

Paavo Günther

Phone: +49 331 977-3868
E-mail: paavo.guentheruni-potsdamde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.06

Portraitfoto von Ole Korn

Ole Korn

Phone: +49 331 977-3292
E-mail: ole.kornuni-potsdamde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.07

Portraitfoto von Nicole Remus-Sticken

Nicole Remus-Sticken

Phone: +49 331 977-4552/4524
E-mail: nicole.remus-stickenuni-potsdamde
Campus Am Neuen Palais, House 9, Room 0.Z21

Portraitfoto von Amy Schmiedeskamp

Amy Schmiedeskamp

Phone: +49 331 977-3698
E-mail: amy.schmiedeskamp.1uni-potsdamde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.20

Portraitfoto von Till Wintgen

Till Wintgen

Phone: +49 331 977-3517
E-mail: till.wintgenpotsdam-transferde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.08

Innovation Management

Portraitfoto von Ferenc Liebig

Dr. Ferenc Liebig

Phone: +49 331 977-203144
E-mail: ferenc.liebig.1uni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 0.03

Portraitfoto von Claudia Jänichen

Claudia Jänichen

Phone: +49 331 977-6183
E-mail: claudia.jaenichenuni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 0.04

Portraitfoto von Dr. Ute Rzeha

Dr. Ute Rzeha

Phone: +49 331 977-6176
E-mail: ute.rzehauni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 0.02

Portraitfoto von Josephine Stolte

Josephine Stolte

Phone: +49 331 977-6180
E-mail: josephine.stolte.1uni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 0.07

International Partnerships Management

Portaitfoto von Alisa Fluhrer

Alisa Fluhrer

Phone: +49 331 977-362045
E-mail: alisa.fluhreruni-potsdamde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.17

Network Management Joint Lab: Testing centre

Portraitfoto von Anja Hönow

Anja Hönow

Phone: +49 331 977-6192
E-mail: anja.hoenowuni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 2.63

Public Relations/Marketing

Portraitfoto von Ella Fischer

Ella Selina Fischer

Phone: +49 331 977-3612
E-mail: ella.fischerpotsdam-transferde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.21

Portraitfoto von Isabelle Golz

Isabelle Golz

Phone: +49 331 977-3823
E-mail: isabelle.golzuni-potsdamde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.21

Foto Susanne Schilling, Mitarbeiterin für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit & Transfermarketing

Susanne Schilling

Phone: +49 331 977-256173
E-mail: susanne.schilling.iiuni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 0.02

IP Management

Portraitfoto von Herrn Dr. Sascha Gohlke

Dr. Sascha Gohlke

Phone: +49 331 977-1362
E-mail: sascha.gohlkeuni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 0.04

Project assistance

Portraitfoto von Nicole Frank

Nicole Frank

Phone: +49 331 977-6171
E-mail: nicole.frankuni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 29, Room 0.01

Portaitfoto von Annette Schöberle

Annette Schöberle

Phone:+49 331 977-4037
E-mail: annette.schoeberleuni-potsdamde
Campus Griebnitzsee, House 7, Room 1.22

Site Management Präsenzstelle O-H-V | Velten

Portraitfoto von Maria Korn-Götze

Maria Korn-Götze

Phone: +49 3304 565 896 4
E-mail: maria.korn-goetzeuni-potsdamde
Bahnstr. 7, 16727 Velten

Transfer Management Faculty of Health Sciences

Portraitfoto von Dr. Günter Peine

Dr. Günter Peine

Phone: +49 331 977-203182
E-mail: guenter.peineuni-potsdamde
Campus Golm, House 62, Room 1.17

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