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Prof. Dr. Harald Clahsen


Campus Golm
House 2, Room 0.08a

Research Focus

The Potsdam Research Institute for Multilingualism (PRIM) investigates the nature of multilingualism in children and adults, including patients with language disorders. Core areas of language processing are investigated using behavioural and physiological techniques such as eye-movement monitoring and electroencephalography.

The PRIM aims to contribute to a better understanding of how multiple languages are represented and processed in a person’s mind/brain, focusing on the temporal dynamics of multiple language use, both at the micro-level (by investigating the moment-by-moment time course of language production and comprehension) and at the macro-level (by investigating multilingual individuals at different stages of language development).

In addition to its research activities, the PRIM also provides advice to practitioners and educators concerned with multilingual individuals.

Prof. Dr. Harald Clahsen


Campus Golm
House 2, Room 0.08a

Staff Institute Management

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Prof. Dr. Harald Clahsen







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Maximilian Krupop

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Dr. Seçkin Arslan

Dr. Oliver Boxell

Dr. Laura A. Ciaccio
Dr. Ilaria De Cesare
Sabia Costantini
Dr. Kirill Elin
Dr. Yulia Esaulova
Dr. Yael Fahry
Prof. Dr. Julia Festman
Dr. Elisabeth Fleischhauer
Dr. Sabrina Gerth
Dr. Vera Heyer
Dr. Gunnar Jacob
Dr. Anna Jessen
Dr. Gloria-Mona Knospe
Dana Kornishova
Dr. Helena Krause
Prof. Dr. Sol Lago
Dr. Michela Mosca
Dr. Clare Patterson
Dr. Judith Schlenter
Dr. Michaela Schmitz
Esther Schott
Dr. Silke Schunack
Dr. Anna Stutter Garcia
Dr. Jana Reifegerste
Dr. Serkan Uygun
Prof. Dr. João Veríssimo
Dr. Christiane Wotschak
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