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Past Events 2016

15.12.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Stefanos Tserkezis (UP): Interactions between vocabulary, PA and non-word repetition in preliterate English children
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/6

13.12.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Joseph DeVaugh-Geiss (UP):An Experimental Study on Number-based Implicatures in German /es/-Clefts and Definite Pseudoclefts
16:15-17:45 Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

07.12.2016 [Psycholinguistics colloquium] Milena Rabovsky (FU): N400 amplitudes reflect change in a probabilistic representation of meaning: Evidence from a neural network model    
12:00-14:00 Golm, Haus 14, 2.15

01.12.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Dzhuma Abakarova (UP): Measuring coarticulation and invariance in German children and adults                                                      
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/6

29.11.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Artemis Alexiadou (HUB): The asymmetric nature of V2: evidence from learner languages    
16:15-17:45 Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

24.11.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Elina Rubertus (UP): V-to-V anticipatory coarticulation in German children  
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/6

22.11.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Andreas Schmidt (UP): Diagnosing the VP structure of OV and VO languages    
16:15-17:45 Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

19.11.2016 [10. Herbsttreffen Patholinguistik]                                                                                             Thema: Panorama Patholinguistik: Sprachwissenschaft trifft Sprachtherapie                                             08.30-17.30, Universität Potsdam, Campus Griebnitzsee, Haus 6 Hörsaal 3
Infos & Anmeldung: www.herbsttreffen.vpl-ev.de

Das Herbsttreffen Patholinguistik wird veranstaltet von MitarbeiterInnen und Studierenden des Departments Linguistik (Studiengang Patholinguistik) in Kooperation mit dem Verband für Patholinguistik e.V. Es findet seit 2007 einmal jährlich im November auf dem Campus Griebnitzsee statt. Die Beiträge der Tagung werden in der Reihe „Spektrum Patholinguistik“ (ISSN 1866-9433) im Universitätsverlag veröffentlicht.

17.11.2016 [Psycholinguistics colloquium] Dario Paape (UP): No escape: Working memory capacity does not modulate the strength of the 'depth charge' illusion                                                                     12-14, Golm, Haus 05, 108

17.11.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Alan Langus (UP): Fast-mapping linguistic labels to objects and their spatio-temporal relations in 4-month-old infans                                                          12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/6

15.11.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Stefanie Solt (Uni Leipzig): Approximators and polarity sensitivity                               
16:15-17:45, Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

08.11.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Sampson Korsah (Uni Leipzig): On Null and Overt Object Pronouns in Kwa                       
16-18, Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

10.11.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Maja Stegenwallner-Schütz (UP): Wenn Numerus das Satzverständnis vereinfacht: Empirische Untersuchungen zum Spracherwerb und Ableitungen für die Sprachtherapie  
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/6

11.11.2016 Dr. Ana-Maria Olteteanu (U Bremen): Creative Cognitive Systems    
12-14, Golm, Haus 14, 4.15

03.11.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Poster session hosted by the project „Crossing the borders: The interplay of language, cognition, and the brain in early human development“.    
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/6

03.11.2016 [Psycholinguistics colloquium] Titus von der Malsburg (UP): Statistical errors in eye-tracking studies of reading behavior    
12-14, Golm, Haus 05, 108

01.11.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Marta Wierzba (UP): The ordering of interface mapping rules in German object fronting
16-18, Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

25.10.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Christian Döhler (UP): The inclusory construction and NP Syntax in Komnzo
16-18, Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

13.10.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Rowena Garcia (UP): L1 acquisition of thematic role assignment in Tagalog: Word-order-based strategies vs. morphosyntactic cues und Yair Haendler (U Potsdam)  Effects of pronoun referentiality on children’s relative clause processing in Hebrew
13:00, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/6

19.10.2016 [Sprache-Cluster] Dr. Sanne Kuijper (University of Groningen): Who Is He? Children with ASD and ADHD Take the Listener into account in their production of ambigious pronouns
16:00-18:00, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15

14.07.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Assunta Süss (UP): Subject-Verb Agreement in Children and Adults – Pupillometry results                                                                                    
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

12.07.2016 Alexander Lerch (Georgia Institute of Technology): Music Performance and its Analysis        14:00, Golm, Haus 14, 0.45

07.07.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Nenad Jovanovic (UP): Cross-linguistic aspects of the acquisition of passives                                                                                     
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

06.07.2016 [Sprache-Cluster] Tal Linzen (JHU): Can contemporary recurrent neural networks learn syntax-sensitive dependencies?
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.45

06.07.2016 Henny Yeung: Infant speech processing in context: Lexical, referential, and social influences
14:15, Golm, Haus 14, 4.15/6

28.06.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Erika Corbara (UP): A Question of definition...and its developments (A talk on subject syntax in Romagnol)
16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.38

23.06.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Chigusa Kurumada (Rochester): Expectation adaptation in pragmatic processing: How listeners infer speaker intentions from the variable acoustic signal 
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

22.06.2016 [Sprache-Cluster] Florian Jaeger (Rochester): Dynamic adaptation to changes in local statistics during language processing (and production)
14-16, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

16.06.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Maja Stegenwallner-Schütz (UP): Elicited production of referring expressions by children and adolescents with ASD: Sensitivity to contrasts and grammatical role
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

09.06.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Chiara Boila (UP): Comprehension of sentences with the focus particle 'only' in Italian learning children                                                                                12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

07.06.2016 [Neurolinguistics-Colloquium] Seckin Arslan & Claudia Felser (UP): Comprehension of wh-questions in Turkish-German bilingual speakers with fluent and non-fluent aphasia: a multiple case study                                                            
14-16, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

07.06.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Ilse Zimmermann (UP): Das Korrelat in temporalen Nebensätzen
16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.38

01.06.2016 [Disputation] Felix Engelmann (Uni Potsdam): Towards an Integrated Model of Sentence Processing in Reading
12:00, Golm, Haus 35, 0.01

31.05.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Diana Forker (University of Jena): Discontinuous NPs and the structure of the NP in Sanzhi Dargwa
16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.38

25.05.2016 Dr. Audrey Bürki: On the usefulness of "advanced" statistical models to advance theoretical models (of language production) 
13-14, Golm, Haus 35, 0.01-0.03

24.05.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Diana Michl (UP): How do adults perceive metaphors and metonyms in idioms? Theory and preliminary results from rating surveys                                                                    16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.38

19.05.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Natalie Boll-Avetisyan & Tom Fritzsche (UP): Learnability of fusional and agglutinative morphology: Insights from artificial language learning
11:45, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

17.05.2016 [SynSem-Colloquium] Mira Grubic (UP): Interaction of definite and indefinite determiners in Ngamo (West Chadic) 
16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.38

10.05.2016 [SynSem Colloquium] Julia Bacskai-Atkari (UP): Doubling in the CP in West-Germanic and the Doubly Filled COMP Filter                                                                                                                     16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.38

10.05.2016 [Neurolinguistics-Colloquium] Sebastian Stober (UP): Deep Feature Learning for EEG Recordings                           
14-16, Golm, Haus 14, 0.45

03.05.2016 [Neurolinguistics-Colloquium] Bernard Jaya (IDEALAB PhD candidate, RUG/UP): Sentence Comprehension and Production in Standard Indonesian Aphasia 
14:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

02.05.2016 [SynSem Colloquium] Boban Arsenijevic (Potsdam): Genderdiagnostics and gender agreement in Russian,               
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.29  

28.04.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Anna Sara Romoren (HiOA, Oslo): The acquisition of focus prosody in Swedish and Dutch                                                                                                                                                       12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

21.04.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Jutta Segbers (MPI for Human Development): Lexical development during primary school: Implications for reading acquisition  
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

14.04.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Katrin Skoruppa (University of Basel): Learning about sounds in context: What infants and children know about phonotactics and phonological alternations   
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

04.02.2016 [Typical and atypical language acquisition] Ayse Gürel (UP/Bogazici University): The use of articles in early child bilingualism     
12:15, Golm, Haus 14,0.29

02.02.2016 [Neurolinguistics-Colloquium] Maria Richter: Perspective Taking in adults: ERP results (XPRAG)
14:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16