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Past Events 2013

09.12.2013 [CLColloquium] Anna Kuhlen (Berlin School of Mind and Brain): A Multi-Person Perspective on Experimental Pragmatics: Spoken Dialogue, Nonverbal Communication, and Social Interaction
12:00, Golm, Haus 14, 0.09
(Joint with Neurolinguistics Colloquium)

06.12.2013 Das Department Linguistik gratuliert Prof. Dr. Artemis Alexiadou von der Universität Stuttgart zur Würdigung ihres wissenschaftlichen Werks durch den Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Preis der DFG, der höchsten wissenschaftlichen Auszeichnung in Deutschland. Den Grundstein für ihre beeindruckende akademische Laufbahn legte sie an der Universität Potsdam, als sie bei uns mit richtungweisenden Arbeiten zur Theorie der Adverbien und zur sprachvergleichenden Modellierung von Nominalisierungen promovierte bzw. habilitierte.

03.12.2013 [SynSemColloquium] Radek Šimík (SFB 632): Epistemic indefinites under epistemic modals in Czech
16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.29

26.11.2013 [SynSemColloquium] Elena Titov (SFB 632): Russian ditransitive constructions and the canonical order of objects
16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.29

25.11.2013 [CLColloquium] Stefan Thater (Saarland University): "Distributional models of word meaning in context"
12:00, Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

19.11.2013 [SynSemColloquium] Balasz Suranyi (Hungarian Academy of Science & SFB 632): Information structure is not blind to scrambling, but scrambling is blind to information structure: Revisiting non-configurationality in Hungarian
16:30, Golm, Haus 14, 0.29

16.11.2013 7. Herbsttreffen Patholinguistik
Titel: Hören - Zuhören - Dazugehören: Sprachtherapie bei Hörstörungen und Cochlea Implantat
Beginn: 09:15
Ort: Campus Griebnitzsee, H6, Raum H03
Nähere Informationen unter: www.herbsttreffen.vpl-ev.de

15.11.2013  Martina Martinović:  A'-extraction effects, locality and cyclicity in Wolof
10:15, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

13.11.2013 Dr. Jonathen Yip (Universität  Hong Kong):  'Phonetic e ects on the timing of gestural co-ordination in Modern Greek consonant clusters'
10:00, Golm, Haus 14, 0.45

12.11.2013 Martina Wiltschko (UBC Vancouver): There is more than one way to hold a point of view. Towards a  
formal typology of viewpoint categories.
16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.29

10.12.2013 [Sprache-Cluster-Talk] Michele Burigo (Uni Bielefeld): Visual Attention in spatial language comprehensio
15:00, Golm, Haus 14, 2.15

07.11.2013 Anne Adelt and Romy Lassotta (U Potsdam): Relativized Minimality: from theory to data. The online and offline impact of grammatical features on German relative clause comprehension in children and adults.
12:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.35

07.11.2013 Prof. K.V. Subbarao (Delhi): The syntax and semantics of dative subjects
16:15, Golm, Haus 14. 0.38

05.11.2013 [SynSem Colloquium] Jiri Kaspar (UC London): Homonymous Discourse Particles
16:15, Golm, Haus 14, 0.29

04.11.2013 [CL Colloquium] Stephan Oepen (U Oslo): Parsing English: A Solved Problem?
12:00, Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

29.10.2013 [SynSem Colloquium] Dejan Matic (MPI Nijmegen): "Existential binding and events in Tundra Yukaghir and beyond"
16:00, Golm, Haus 14, 0.29

28.10.2013 [CL Colloquium] Arndt Riester (U Stuttgart): Marking Relative Givenness
12:00, Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

24.10.2013 Christoph Lange (Bremen): Linguistics of bird song
16:00, Golm, Haus 14, 0.21

13.09.2013 PhD Day (SFB)
9.00-18.00, Golm, Haus 14, Raum 0.45 (kleiner Senatssaal)

12.09.2013 Ted Gibson (MIT):  Language for communication: The communicative basis of word order
11:00, Golm, Haus 14, Raum 0.45 (kleiner Senatssaal)

10.09.2013 Jason Shaw (MARCS Laboratories & UWS): Perceptual attunement to coarticulation: the case of tones and vowels in Mandarin Chinese
14:00-15:00, Golm, Building 14, Room 14.2.15/16 (Besprechungsraum)

09.09.2013 - 11.09.2013 Workshop: Understanding Acceptability Judgments
Campus Neues Palais, Building 9, Rooms 2.03 and 3.04
more information  program

27.06.2013 [Language Acquisition/Nola-colloquium] Aude Noiray (U Potsdam): Effects of syllabic structure on speech production: Preliminary data in adults and children
12:15, Golm, H14, 0.09

27.06.2013 [SemColloquium] Agata Renans: Exclusive particles in Ga
14:00, Golm, H14, 0.29

26.06.2013 [Sprache Cluster Talks] Caroline Féry: Experiments on the prosody of relative clauses
14:00, Golm, H14, 0.45

25.06.2013 [SynSemColloquium] Thuan Tran: Aspectual-temporal interpretations with exclusive particles in Vietnamese
16:00, Golm, H14, 0.09

24.06.2013 [CL Colloqiuium] Thomas Meyer (EPFL): "Discourse-level Analyses for Statistical Machine Translation"
16:15, Golm, H14, 0.21

19.06.2013 Beste Kamali (ZAS): Stress and Intonation in Turkish
16:00, Golm, H14,0.15

18.06.2013 [SynSem Colloquium] Kilu von Prince (ZAS Berlin): Meanings of TAM Markers in Daakaka

17.06.2013 [EMCL/IECL guest speaker seminar] Lars Meyer (MPI Leipzig): The working memory of argument-verb dependency processing
12:15, Golm, H10, 0.26

17.06.2013 [CL Colloquium] Luciana Benotti (U Cordoba): Probabilistic refinement algorithms for the generation of referring expressions
16:15, Golm, H14, 0.21

16.06.2013 [Sprache Cluster Talks] Caroline Fery: Experiments on the prosody of relative clauses
14:00, Golm, H14, 0.45

11.06.2013 [SynSemColloquium] Marta Wierzba (SFB 632): Czech Scrambling and Givenness
14:15, Golm, H14, 0.29

10.06.2013 and 12.06.2013 Vieri Samek-Lodovici (UCL): The Information Structure of Italian Clauses: Focalization, Givenness, and their Interaction. (Lecture mini-series)
10:00, Golm, H14, 2.15 [both dates]

10.06.2013 [CL Colloquium] Thomas Hanneforth (U Potsdam): An efficient GLR-style parsing algorithm for weighted finite tree automata.
16:15, Golm, H14, 021

10.06.2013 [EMCL/IECL guest speaker seminar] Jenny Crinion, (UCL London): Simulating speech after stroke
12:15, Golm, H10, 026

06.06.2013 [EMCL/IECL guest speaker seminar] Saskia Kohnen (Maquarie University, Australia): Warp the Wrap: Letter position coding in typical and atypical English readers
12:15, Golm, H14, R038

04.06.2013 [SynSem Colloquium] Jenneke van der Wal (University of Cambridge): Structuring parameters in comparative Bantu subject inversion
16:15, Golm, H14, R029

03.06.2013 [EMCL/IECL guest speaker seminar] Claudia Felser (PRM Potsdam): Binding and coreference in native and non-native language processing
12:15, Golm, H10, R029

[Language Acquisition/Nola-colloquium] Caroline Magister (ZAS Berlin): Fundamental frequency and pausing in speech production: Some preliminary data on utterance planning in development.
12:15, Golm, H14, R009

30.05.2013 [Language Acquisition/Nola-colloquium] Caroline Magister (ZAS Berlin): Fundamental frequency and pausing in speech production: Some preliminary data on utterance planning in development.

27.05.2013 [EMCL/IECL guest speaker seminar] Silvia Martinez Ferreiro (U Groningen): Non-canonical constructions in agrammatism

26.05.2013 [SynSem Colloquium] Daniel Hole (U Stuttgart) "Der Himmel hängt voller Geigen" -- the Stative Locative Alternation as just another Knight Move Binding voice

23.05.2013 [Sem Colloquium] Emilie Destruel Johnson (UT Austin): Exhaustivity in  
French clefts.

23.05.2013 Antje Sauermann (U Potsdam) Impact of topichood on the comprehension of SVO and OVS sentences in children: an eye-tracking study.

21.05.2013 [SynSem Colloquium] Vera Hohaus (U Tübingen): Past Possibility Crosslinguistically

16.05.2013 [Sem Colloquium] Thuan Tran: Exclsuive and scalar particles in Vietnamese

14.05.2013 [SynSem Colloquium] Chris Wilder (NTNU Trondheim and ZAS): Why don't you be an imperative?

13.05.2013 [EMCL/IECL guest speaker seminar] Dan Kempler (Emerson College, USA): Case studies of constrained induced therapy for aphasia

13.05.2013 [CL Colloquium] Martin Villalba (U Potsdam): Corpus-Based interpretation of Natural Language Instructions in Virtual Worlds

07.05.2013 The Department of Linguistics celebrated its 20 years: see schedule
from 13:00, Golm, H14, Old Library (Ground Floor)

06.05.2013 [CL Colloquium] Loek Cleophas (University of Pretoria): Tree Algorithms: Two Taxonomies and a Toolkit

02.05.2013 Nicole Altvater-Mackensen (MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences):  The role of familiarity in early word learning

30.04.2013 [SynSem Colloquium] Clemens Mayr (ZAS Berlin): Focus on bound variables

29.04.2013 Melanie Weirich & Adrian Simpson (U Jena): Articulatory, acoustic and perceptual aspects of male and female vowel spaces

29.04.2013 [EMCL/IECL guest speaker seminar] Frank Domahs (U Marburg): Word stress: processing and disorders

29.04.2013 [CL Colloquium] Ralf Steinberger (European Commission's Joint Research Centre): Multilingual opinion mining as part of the Europe Media Monitor (EMM) family of news analysis applications

25.04.2013 [Sem Colloquium] Eva-Maria Saur (U Potsdam): Cleft exhaustivity revisited.

23.04.2013 [Syntax/Semantics Colloquium] Olga Kellert, (U Göttingen): Clefted wh-questions
16:00, Golm, H14, R029

22.04.2013 [CL Colloquium] Josef van Genabith (U Dublin City): Next Generation Localisation: Overview and Examples

18.04.2013 [Syntax/Semantics Colloquium] Pritty Pater-Grosz, Patrick Grosz (U Tübingen): Deep Anaphoric or Surface Anaphoric Pronouns?
14:00, Golm, H14, R009

19.03.2013 - 22.03.2013 [IWCS2013]: 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics
Campus Griebnitzsee, Building 6

12.03.2013 - 15.03.2013 [DGfS2013]: 35th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS)

05.02.2013 [Syntax Colloquium] Eefje Boef (ZAS Berlin): A direct dependency approach to pronoun doubling in Dutch long A-bar dependencies.
16:15, Golm, H14 R009

29.01.2013 [Syntax Colloquium] Fatima Hamlaoui (U Frankfurt): Titel wird in Kürze bekannt gegeben

22.01.2013 [Syntax Colloquium] Julia Bacskai-Atkari (Research Institute for Linguistics at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences / U Potsdam): title to be announced soon
16:15, Golm, H14 R009

14.01.2013 [CL Colloquium] Ivan Titov (Saarland U.): Monolingual and Crosslingual Unsupervised Induction of Shallow Semantic Representations
12:00 Golm, H14 R009

09.01.2013 [Sprache, Variation, Migration] Gerda Haßler (U Potsdam): Werkstattgespräche: Variation im Bereich des Ausdrucks der Sprecherperspektive in romanischen Sprachen

08.01.2013 [Syntax Colloquium] Emilio Servidio (U Sienna / U Potsdam): Polarity fragment answers in Italian

07.01.2013 [CL Colloquium] Jonathan Sonntag (U Potsdam):Sentiment Analysis with an emphasis on German; Problems and Perspectives
12:00, Golm, H14 R009

18.12.2013 [Syntax Colloquium] Constantin Freitag (HU Berlin & U Potsdam): A Processing Account of syntactic Islands and the Issue of Grammaticalness. Towards a Reduction of Grammar.
16:15, Golm, H14 R009

17.12.2013 [CL Colloquium] Bevan Keeley Jones (U. Edinburgh): Semantic Parsing with Bayesian Tree Transducers
12:00, Golm, H14 R009

11.12.2013 [Syntax Colloquium] Saara Huhmarniemi (U Helsinki): Extraction from Noun Phrases in Finnish
16:15, Golm, H14 R009