Online courses with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect (AC)[available in German only] is a web conferencing service that enables simultaneous online meetings between participants who may be in different physical locations. Adobe Connect offers the following options: Sharing audio and video files, sharing your desktop with other participants, and uploading files. Adobe Connect has a number of additional features, including a chat and a whiteboard, a polling tool and the possibility to record meetings and archive files.

These features have different names depending on the type of online meeting, for example web conferencing, online course, virtual classroom, online meeting, and live (virtual) classroom. Conferences can be held with up to approximately 200 people.

Please visit this page for a documentation on Adobe Connect provided by DFN: [available in German only]


Web meetings for small groups using DFNconf

DFNconf[available in German only] is a simple tool for hosting web conferences with up to 23 participants. The service runs in a browser (HTML5) or with a customized program. Participants can easily be invited by sending a link. It is possible to deliver presentations, share your screen or individual windows and record meetings.

Once a room has been set up it can be accessed at any time by anyone using the corresponding link. Using a password, participants can also register as hosts. Lecturers at the University of Potsdam have automatic access to the DFN network and are authorised to create their own meeting rooms.

Alternative web conferencing tools

At the University of Potsdam, we have access to the web conferencing solutionsoffered by the German Research Network (DFN) "Adobe Connect" and "DFNconf", which can be used by University of Potsdam members free of charge and in compliance with data protection regulations. At present, however, these solutions are often overloaded and run unstable.

For immediate use, please find below a compilation of alternative web conferencing services. When selecting these services, we paid special attention to their free (including limited) use and the possibility of inviting participants directly via a link. Our thanks for their good preparatory work for this goes to the GMA.

We will update this list continuously.

Alternative web conferencing tools (status 03.04.2020)



Cisco Webex Meetings


Guidance for running a virtual session

When running a virtual meeting some aspects should be considered. In this manual you will find guidance on

  • preparation,
  • doing the meeting,
  • post-meetings, and
  • some points on how to develop and apply an emotionally engaging online communication culture.