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Zessko at the University of Potsdam’s E-Learning Day 2021

The nominees and the winners of the UP E-Learning Award 2021
Photo: ZfQ/Blum

On November, 25, 2021, this year's E-Learning Day at the University of Potsdam took place as a hybrid event—digitally and at the Griebnitzsee campus. Colleagues from Zessko took part presented their best-practice teaching scenarios.

Erik Fandrich, Saskia Rauhut and Judith Tägener (Presentation Coaching) gave insight into the conception and execution of scientific presentations and lectures with their presentation Vorn stehen und überzeugen (Standing ‘up front’ and Convincing Your Audience). In addition, they discussed how anxiety can be overcome and confidence gained with the help of relaxation techniques, reflection, and ensuring the relevance of the content for the audience.
Dorothée Schulz-Budick (English-Language Writing Assistance) presented the workshop Revisiting the Text .

This year’s nominee for the E-Learning Award was Zessko‘s INTERFACE (INTERculural proFiciency and orAl Competence in English) project with Beit Berl College (Israel), created by Dr. David James Prickett (Head of Zessko), and Karen Abel, M. Ed. (Beit Berl College). As part of the project, prospective English teachers from both institutions complete video projects about cultural attitudes and overcoming stereotypes. They not only practice their English speaking and listening skills, but also learn about life in each other’s countries. Learn more about the project here.

You can find a report on the UP E-Learning Award 2021 on the central web pages of the University of Potsdam. (in German)


Published on 9 December 2021