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We are glad that you are considering renting out a flat/ room to visiting international scholars.

Up-to-date information

Due to the current situation, less foreign researchers relocate to Potsdam at the moment.

You are welcome to keep on sending your housing offers to us. We'll add them to our housing pool and will forward them to  international researchers in case of corresponding requests.

Stay healthy!

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Please send us information on your rental period, information regarding the maximum number of tenants, and, if applicable, any other requests regarding potential tenants in a separate email to: kswitalauni-potsdamde.

If your housing offer is no longer available or if you no longer wish for the offer to be conveyed, please send a short email to kswitalauni-potsdamde  - we will then delete your information from our system immediately.

If you have any questions/comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is how our housing service works

Subleasing – General Information

Rental Price

Wohnungsgeberbestaetigung / Landlord's confirmation

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Karolin Switala

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