Foreigners' Registration Office

Potsdam Foreigners' Registration Office

The Immigration Office is responsible for matters related to laws concerning foreigners, as well as the granting and extension of residence permits.

If you do not have an EU passport and intend to stay in Germany longer than three months, then you must apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Office where you live (unless you already have a long-term visa for the entire duration of your stay). Please apply for your residence permit six weeks before your visa or your current residence permit expires.

The application and issuance of the electronic residence permit requires two personal appointments at your Foreigners’ Registration Office.

Checklists with the necessary documents for applying for or extending a residence title can be found at the end of the page. The immigration authorities may request additional documents in individual cases.

If you have any questions, please contact our Welcome Center Team. Also, we will be happy to assist you setting up an appointment with your local Immigration Office!

Potsdam Foreigners' Registration Office

You can make an appointment onlinewith the Immigration Office in Berlin. High demand for appointments, especially at the beginning of the semester, may lead to closure of the online scheduling system. If this is the case, please go in person to the Immigration Office within the opening hours. Caution: You must arrive early and be prepared for very long wait times!

There is a checklist at the end of this page that lists all of the required documents that you will need to apply for the issuance or extension of a residence permit, as well as additional forms and information.

For questions please contact our Welcome Center team.

Foreigners' Registration Office Potsdam


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Mon, Fri 9.00-12.00
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Wed by appointment only
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Berlin Immigration Office


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