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Prof. Dr. Julia Fleischer

Prof. Dr. Julia Fleischer
Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten
Prof. Dr. Julia Fleischer

Short biography

Since April 2017, Julia Fleischer is Professor and Chair in German Politics and Government at the University of Potsdam. Previously, she was associate professor at the University of Bergen, assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, and senior researcher at the German Research Institute for Public Administration Speyer (FÖV). She was a visiting researcher at the University of Bergen and the Long Distance University Madrid, among others. She holds a PhD and a Diploma in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Potsdam.

Prof. Dr. Julia Fleischer
Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten
Prof. Dr. Julia Fleischer


Prof. Dr. Julia Fleischer is currently Principal Investigator in the following research projects:

  • STATE-CORP analyses the change of public actors operating in the private sector, funding: Norwegian Research Council 
  • FISCAP investigates administrative assistance in East German tax administrations after reunification Link, funding: DFG
  • TROPICO deals with the role of digital change in politics and administrations (, funding: EU Commission, Horizon2020

Publications (selection)


Danielsen, O. A., & Fleischer, J. (2022). The effects of political design and organizational dynamics on structural disaggregation and integration in Norway 1947–2019. Governance

Fleischer, J., Bezes, P., James, O., & Yesilkagit, K. (2022). The politics of government reorganization in Western Europe. Governance

Yesilkagit, K., Bezes, P., & Fleischer, J. (2022). Whats in a Name? The Politics of Name Changes Inside Bureaucracy. Public Administration


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Fleischer, J. (2015). Organisierte Expertise und die Legitimation der Verwaltung: Sektorale und strukturpolitische. Dynamiken der Gremienlandschaft auf Bundesebene. Der Moderne Staat – Zeitschrift Fur Public Policy, Recht Und Management8(2), 315–335.


Fleischer, J. (2013). Time and Crisis. Public Management Review15(3), 313–329.

Fleischer, J., & Seyfried, M. (2013). Drawing from the bargaining pool. Party Politics21(4), 503–514.


Fleischer, J. (2010). A Dual Centre? Executive Politics under the Second Grand Coalition in Germany. German Politics19(3–4), 353–368.


Fleischer, J. (2008). Power Resources of Parliamentary Executives: Policy Advice in the UK and Germany. West European Politics32(1), 196–214.



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