Summer term 2021

BATuesday, 2pm-4pmHow political and administrative acteurs make decisions: Theoretical perspectives and empirical konwledgepartly synchronouns and partly asynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
BAMonday, 12am-2pmEnvironmental policy-making in Germany synchronousDr. Paasch
BAMonday, 2pm-4pmGovernance in Germany and Europe: Comparing policy fieldssynchronousThiele
BAWednesday, 2pm-4pmDer Deutsche Bundestag– New challenges and current scientific debate - A seminar by the Chair for German Politics and Governance for students of political educationsynchronousWalkenhorst
BAFriday, 10am-12am + 2x block seminarAlgorithmic Governance in the Policy CyclesynchronousWanckel
BAvaries throughout the semesterEuropean Governance: How decisions are being made in the EU synchronousHon. Prof. Dr. Wuermeling
BA/MATuesday, 12am-2pmColloquium for final thesis'sasynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
BA/MA Colloquium (english)asynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
MATuesday, 10am-12am

Data(-driven) Governance (english)

asynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
MAWednesday, 10am-12amCovid-19 and the ‘year of the executive?‘asynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
MAMonday, 12am-2pmState parliaments in Germany - a form of federal diversity?synchronousDr. Paasch



Application will take place via PULS. In case that an application is not possible via PULS due to technical issues (e.g. you have not yet recieved your log-in data) it is compulsory to get in touch with the lecturer via e-mail.

Online course (synchronous) means that the course takes place live and in zoom at a fixed weekly time

Asynchronous means that the course has no live date, the teaching materials are made available to you and can be accessed at any time.