Our chair is a part of the Faculty of Economics and Social Science of the University of Potsdam and since summer 2017, Prof. Dr. Julia Fleischer holds the chair.

The courses we offer for students are provided by our scientific staff as well. 

We would be delighted to welcome you at one of our courses soon!


Prof. Dr. Julia Fleischer

House 1, Room 1.77


Sabine Eichler

House 1, Room 1.74

The bureau will be closed during 14th September and 6th October.

Academic staff

Nora Carstens

House 1, Room 1.73

Dr. Jana Paasch

House 1, Room 1.72

Lukas Thiele

House 7, Room 2.32

Camilla Wanckel

House 7, Room 2.40

Student assistants

Lillian Branding

House 7, Room 2.34

Annika Dittrich

House 1, Room 1.78

Fabian Manske

House 1, Room 1.78

Maria Pfannkuchen (Tropico)

House 7, Room 2.34

Oke Seliger

House 7, Room 2.34

Freya Steinbeck

House 1, Room 1.78

Sophia Wegeleben

House 1, Room 1.78