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Participation in courses

How can I register for a course?

By when do I have to register with PULS for an event?

I have not registered in time or would like to withdraw from registration again

What are the performance requirements for the course?


Prüfungen, Haus- und Qualifikationsarbeiten

When and how are office hours offered?

By when do I have to hand in my term paper?

How should I proceed if I cannot take part in an examination for health reasons?

When are the grades for a course posted in PULS?

What do I need to keep in mind when writing my thesis?

What happens in case of a fraud attempt?

Statutory declaration and Plagiarism declaration in term and qualifying papers

What happens after the submission of the term paper or qualification paper?


Notes on expert opinions, letters of recommendation or similar documents

Is it possible to make a request for expert opinions, letters of recommendation or similar?

What documents are required for this?


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