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Summer term 2021

BATuesday, 2pm-4pmHow political and administrative acteurs make decisions: Theoretical perspectives and empirical konwledgepartly synchronouns and partly asynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
BAMonday, 12am-2pmEnvironmental policy-making in Germany synchronousDr. Paasch
BAMonday, 2pm-4pmGovernance in Germany and Europe: Comparing policy fieldssynchronousThiele
BAWednesday, 2pm-4pmDer Deutsche Bundestag– New challenges and current scientific debate - A seminar by the Chair for German Politics and Governance for students of political educationsynchronousWalkenhorst
BAFriday, 10am-12am + 2x block seminarAlgorithmic Governance in the Policy CyclesynchronousWanckel
BAvaries throughout the semesterEuropean Governance: How decisions are being made in the EU synchronousHon. Prof. Dr. Wuermeling
BA/MATuesday, 12am-2pmColloquium for final thesis'sasynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
BA/MA Colloquium (english)asynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
MATuesday, 10am-12am

Data(-driven) Governance (english)

asynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
MAWednesday, 10am-12amCovid-19 and the ‘year of the executive?‘asynchronousProf. Dr. Fleischer
MAMonday, 12am-2pmState parliaments in Germany - a form of federal diversity?synchronousDr. Paasch