University Athletic Department

Students and staff work out together at the Gym. Photo: Karla Fritze
Photo: Karla Fritze
Students and Staff work out together at the two gyms on the campuses of the UP or in several sport classes all over town.

Active and Fit at the University of Potsdam

The University Athletic Department offers services and educational opportunities for students, staff, trainees and alumni of the University. School children and guests of the University are also welcome. The programs range from fitness clubs and courses to aquatics and competitive sports, and they include the possibility of acquiring key competences during bachelor studies. More than 100 sports courses provide an active counterbalance to scholarly work, no matter whether you are interested in team sports, cardio and weight training, or workshops on relaxation.

In addition, the University Athletic Department organizes various events, for instance the University’s sports festival, the water sports festival, the so-called PausenExpress, the opportunity to do sports during breaks, and many tournaments. Here students also have the opportunity to develop their soft skills in addition to their academic training in fields like “non-profit service management,” “therapeutic sport management,” “event management,” and “tournament management.”

A sample picture of a sports class. Link to the sport classes, trips and workshops offered by the University Athletic Department.

University Athletic Department

The department offers during the semester and break a wide variety of sports classes, trips and workshops

Students performing a show on a trampoline at the Campus Festival. The link leads to the Campus Festival website.

Campus Festival

The campus festival offers bevor the semsester ends and everyone starts into summer break a last opportunitie for sports, games and music