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Mentoring Plus

Mentoring Plus is a one-year program for women* for individual and practice-oriented career advancement. In tailored program lines, Mentoring Plus supports female students, doctoral candidates, and young female scientists with doctorates in entering, changing, and advancing their careers.

*The program is open to all individuals who identify as women on an ongoing basis.

Program details

Mentoring Plus is aimed at women who aspire to a career in science, are planning a science-related career, or want to enter or switch to other fields such as business, politics, and administration. The program addresses female students and young female scientists who want to deal intensively and actively with their further career and life planning. The mentees benefit from the three components of the one-year program:

  • Mentoring - professional biographical exchange with a specialist and/or manager
    (individually designed in terms of content and time)
  • Training - further development of practical and management-oriented qualifications
  • Networking - within the program with mentees and mentors, with other highly qualified young professionals, and across sectors with experts


Women are still significantly underrepresented in higher specialist and management positions. Against this background, Mentoring Plus aims to increase the career and advancement opportunities of highly qualified women, to promote the visibility of the competencies and potential of young female scientists, and to strengthen intergenerational exchange on career issues and female leadership roles.


The Career Service implements the Mentoring Plus program line for female students and the Potsdam Graduate School implements the Mentoring Plus program line for female doctoral students and postdocs. Both institutions work closely with the Equal Opportunity Coordination Office and are supported by funds from the Female Professors’ Program III.

Attention female students: The next application period for the Mentoring Plus program for female students is expected to start in spring 2023. Anyone who would like to network until then, participate in workshops and impulse events for female students only, exchange ideas with former mentees and mentors, and/or become part of a success team will be provided with colorful formats and offers in a timely manner on the Career Service homepage, among others.


Female students

Information about the mentoring program for female students

Mentoring Plus für Promovierende

PhD students

Information on the mentoring program for female doctoral students.

Mentoring Plus Programm für Postdocs


Information about the mentoring program for post-docs.

If you are already a mentor and are looking for information or if you would like to participate as a mentor, click here!

Contact: Jasmin Blümlein


Potsdam Graduate School
4. Etage
Am Kanal 47
14467 Potsdam