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Eligible Measures for Scientific Qualification

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The Equal Opportunity Coordination Office provides funding to promote the careers of female scientists. The aim is primarily to prevent the drop-out of female scientists from the science system after their doctorate or Habilitation. In this way, on the one hand, the proportion of female professors should continue to increase, and on the other hand, alternative career paths and opportunities in the science system should be pointed out if the professorship is not a desired career goal.

Eligible measures for scientific qualification and personal development

Apply for funding at the Equal Opportunity Coordination Office.

Settlement of costs in the Equal Opportunity Coordination Office

Irrespective of financial support, the Equal Opportunity Officers are actively working in close cooperation with the academic staff and administration to improve the university’s structures in the long term and thus retain female academics, especially those with family and/or care responsibilities. Do you see a specific need for support here? Then write to us!