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Further Education

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In accordance with § 68 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act, the Equal Opportunity Officers advise and support the Executive Board at the central level and the other bodies and institutions of the university at the decentralized level in all matters relating to equality between women and men. In addition, they inform the members and affiliates about issues relevant to equality and accept suggestions and complaints.

In the course of these requirements, Equal Opportunity Officers are confronted with very different tasks, questions and problems in their everyday work. The quality of the individual equality work to be performed depends on many factors: experience in the office, knowledge transfer from predecessors, the amount of time off work, the availability of opportunities for exchange with others interested in equality, attendance at further training courses and personal interest in the topic.

Being an equal opportunity commissioner is not a profession; often, it is more of a calling. The
knowledge required for this must be acquired proactively and successively. To support this process, the Equal Opportunity Coordination Office has designed a target-group-specific and free continuing education program with external trainers to support professionalization in the office.

Four modules are being planned so that all newly elected decentralized equal opportunity officers also get off to a good start in their office.

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Once a year in October, a closed meeting is held for all Equal Opportunity Officers.