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Bunte Silhouetten von Menschenköpfen

at the Coordination Office for Equal Opportunities at the University of Potsdam! | Photo: AdobeStock/Annaspoka

Equal Opportunity Coordination Office

The Equal Opportunity Coordination Office (KfC), under the direction of the Central Equal Opportunity Officer, informs, advises, and raises awareness regarding university policy related to diversity and equality issues. The promotion of equality and diversity at the University of Potsdam is a cross-sectional task. In this context, the KfC coordinates the various topics, actively works to reduce all forms of discrimination, and promotes equal opportunities at the university.

The following pages provide detailed information about the work of the Central Equal Opportunity Officer and the KfC. Do you need further information, would you like to visit one of our events, or would you like to receive advice? Then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Equal Opportunity Coordination Office


Universität Potsdam
Am Neuen Palais 10
14469 Potsdam
Haus 6