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Decentralized Equal Opportunity Officers

The decentralized Equal Opportunity Officers and their deputies support the Central Equal Opportunity Officer of the University of Potsdam in the performance of her duties according to § 68 para. 2 BbgH (only availabe in German). They participate in the selection process and in the university’s central Commission for Equal Opportunity (CGK) with the right to speak and make motions. Furthermore, they are available as contact persons for all individual questions concerning equal opportunities.

The decentralized Equal Opportunity Officers and their deputies are elected for two years in accordance with § 68 BbgHG.

Current term of office: October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2024

Overview of the Equal Opportunity Officers in the Faculties and Departments

Deputies of the Central Equal Opportunities Officer

Law Faculty

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Human Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Digital Engineering Faculty

Faculty of Health Sciences

Central and scientific facilities

President’s Office & Central University Administration

University Library