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Guest Talks & reading group

Always on Wednesdays, 4.15-5.45 p.m.,  campus Neues Palais, room (except for 15.5 & 29.5)

Talks winter term 2024/25

18.12.2024 Talk Freya Schumann (University of Innsbruck & University of Potsdam), t.b.a.

11.12.2024 Reading group 

30.10.2024 Reading group Chen, Victoria & Bradley McDonnell. 2019. Western Austronesian voice. Annual Review of Linguistics 5. 173-195.

23.10.2024 Reading group  Harald Clahsen. 2016. Contributions of linguistic typology to psycholinguistics. Linguistic Typology 20(3). 599-614.


Talks summer term 2024

Talks + reading group winter term 2023-2024 (room, room change!!)

  • Talk 07.02.2024 Prof. Dr. Jan Patrick Zeller (Universität Oldenburg), "Spoken Silesian: A variationist approach"
  • Reading group 31.01.2024. Francesca Di Garbo & Annemarie Verkerk. 2020. A typology of northwestern Bantu gender systemsLinguistics 60(4). 1169-1239.
  • Reading group 24.01.2024. Egurtzegi, A., et al. 2022. The forms and meanings of grammatical markers support efficient  communicationPNAS 118(49), e2025993118. (followed by the discussion of the draft by Kozhanov & Say)
  • Talk 17.01.2024 Prof. Dr. Sandra Birzer (Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg), "Factors influencing suffix choice and suffix variation in Slavic verbs"
  • Reading group 10.01.2024 T. Florian Jaeger & Elisabeth J. Norcliffe. 2009. The Cross-linguistic Study of Sentence Production , Language and Linguistics Compass 3/4 (2009): 866–887. (The talk originally planned for this day has been cancelled)
  • Reading group (starting at 3.50 pm!!!) 20.12.2023 Chousou-Polydouri, Natalia, Inman, David, Huber, Thomas C. and Bickel, Balthasar. "Multi-variate coding for possession: methodology and preliminary results" Linguistics, vol. 61, no. 6, 2023, pp. 1365-1402. https://doi.org/10.1515/ling-2022-0021
  • Talk 13.12.2023 Dr. Olena Pčelinceva (Cherkasy State Technological University), "War, Language and Culture: Changes in cultural and linguistic attitudes in education and culture in central Ukraine after the beginning of Russian aggression". Download the presentation here.
  • 6.12.2023 No meeting
  • Talk 29.11.2023 SVM lecture, Room, Ulrike Demske (Universität Potsdam) &  Barthe Bloom (Universität Potsdam) "Integration, resumption, and adjunction: The relation between Early New High German preposed adverbial clauses and their host"
  • Talk 22.11.2023 Prof. dr. Eleanor Coghill (Uppsala University), "New evidence for the grammaticalization of a Neo-Aramaic past perfective marker from a verb of movement"
  • 15.11.2023 No meeting
  • Talk 08.11.2023 Prof. Dr. Manfred Stede (University of Potsdam), "Contrastive connectives and their coherence relations: corpus studies on German"
  • Talk 01.11.2023 SVM lecture, Room, Annette Gerstenberg (Universität Potsdam) "LangAge Corpora: A Longitudinal Approach to Linguistic Aging"
  • Reading group 25.10.2023 Rik van Gijn & Pieter Muysken. 2020. Highland–lowland relations: A linguistic view. In: Rethinking the Andes–Amazonia Divide. A cross-disciplinary exploration. Ed. by Adrian J. Pearce, David G. Beresford-Jones, Paul Heggarty. UCL Press.
  • Talk 18.10.2023 This talk will start at 16.30!!! Dr. Anna Laurinavichyute (University of Potsdam), "Eye-tracking in psycholinguistics. Reading in Russian"

Talks summer term 2023 (reading group see below)

Reading group (Kolloquium) summer term 2023

Talks winter term 2022 (reading group see below)

Reading group (Kolloquium) winter term 2022/2023

Talks summer term 2022 (reading group see below)

Reading group (Kolloquium) summer term 2022