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Daria Alfimova, M. A.

PhD Student

My research project focuses on quantitative approaches to linguistic areas.
In particular, it aims at clarifying the language relations in the Circum-Baltic area.
For instance, at the moment, I explore clustering of object marking strategies in the CB languages and some other languages of Western Eurasia outside the CB area. I think that when it comes to linguistic areas, a broader context is decisive in distinguishing genealogical patterns, language contact and language frequentalia.

Russian (native), English, German, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian (basic knowledge)
As for programming languages, I mainly use R but also can work with Python

alfimova (at) uni-potsdam (dot) de


2020 - M. A. in Linguistics (With Distinction), Saint Petersburg State University. Thesis: “Parsing of Sentences with Modifier Attachment Ambiguity in Lithuanian: an Experimental Study” (Supervisor: Natalia Slioussar, Doctor of Sciences)

2018 - B. A. in Linguistics, Saint Petersburg State University. Thesis: “Main Tendencies in the Creation of Neologisms in Modern Lithuanian” (Supervisor: Vanda Kazanskiene, Candidate of Philology)

2017 - Exchange Student at Vilnius University (Subject: Lithuanian language and culture)

Professional Assignments

April 2022 - now

PhD student at Potsdam University, Department of Slavic Studies

April 2021 - March 2022

PhD research fellow at Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel & Cluster of Excellence "ROOTS"


2019 - 2020

Scholarship of Kazimieras Būga from the Lithuanian Ministry of Education


Alfimova, Daria & Søren Wichmann. 2022. Bivalent patterns in Danish. In: Say, Sergey (ed.). BivalTyp: Typological database of bivalent verbs and their encoding frames. St. Petersburg: Institute for Linguistic Studies, RAS. (Data first published on January 12, 2022; last revised on January 28, 2022.) (Available online at https://www.bivaltyp.info)

Alfimova, D. 2019. Language Interference in Self-Translations from Lithuanian into Russian [Интерференционные явления в автопереводах с литовского языка на русский]. Proceedings of the 2nd Student Conference "Traditions and Innovations in Linguistics and Language Didactics: Intercultural Communication and Digital Culture", Saint Petersburg State University. (Available online at https://dspace.spbu.ru/ in Russian)



Alfimova, D. Circum-Baltic object marking against a broader areal perspective
The 18th Conference on Typology and Grammar for Young Scholars. Institute for Linguistic Studies, RAS, St. Petersburg (Available online at https://www.bivaltyp.info/project/publications/)

Alfimova, D. Clustering of coding patterns in the Circum-Baltic area (Work in progress)
"Further Perspectives on the Baltic Verb", Salos, Lithuania


Alfimova, D., Sliuossar, N. Modifier Attachment Problem: a Processing Experiment on Lithuanian
The 26th Architectures And Mechanisms For Language Processing Conference, University of Potsdam (Available online at https://osf.io/sjfg9/)

Alfimova, D., Olishevskaya V. Russian prefixed verb transparency: an experimental study on native speakers
The 1st International Student Conference “The Verb in the Mental Lexicon”, University of Hamburg

Alfimova, D. Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution in a Typological Perspective
The 4th Student Conference on Philology and Linguistics, HSE University, Saint Petersburg (Available online at https://osf.io/8zvwu/ in Russian)


Alfimova, D. Распределение частиц бы и б в устной непубличной речи [Distribution of Particles by and b in Russian Non-Public Speech]
The 6th Сonference “Constructional and Lexical Semantic Approaches to Russian”, ILS RAS (Available online at https://iling.spb.ru/ in Russian)