Action Outputs with Abstracts

Action Level Book

  • Sabine Kuhlmann, Geert Bouckaert (Eds.), 2016: Local Public Sector Reforms in Times of Crisis: National Trajectories and International Comparisons. Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke, Series “Governance and Public Management”.
  • Table of Contents & Preface

Provision of public and social services in European countries

  • Hellmut Wollmann, Gérard Marcou, Ivan Koprić (Eds.)
  • Provision of public and social services in European countries. From public/municipal to private sector provision – and then what?
  • The book proposal results from the work of a group of international researchers that have gathered and cooperated in Working Group 1 (in the following WG1) that has been formed in spring 2013 within the COST Action “Local Public Sector Reforms. An International Comparison – LocRef (IS 1207). Prof. Ivan Kopric is “leader” of WG1, Prof. Gerard Marcou and Prof. Hellmut Wollmann are “co-leaders”.
  • Book Proposal

Evaluation studies about local service delivery

  • Ivan Koprić, Hellmut Wollmann, Gérard Marcou (Eds.)
  • The aim of the Action is to identify, bundle and compare nationally based knowledge on the respective institutional changes at the local level of government, implementation strategies and the evaluation of (un-)intended consequences of reform effects.
  • In theAction’s second phase, papers about the expectations from and positive/intended and negative/unintended consequences, effects, and impacts of local service delivery changes and modernization efforts are to be written, discussed, and published. These evaluative papers may cover the success of local service  delivery reforms, effects and 3 impacts of the local service delivery reforms on performance (operations), outcomes, relevant stakeholders, civil society, and business community. Input, output, and cultural changes are of interest.
  • WG I Output
  • Call for proposals

Issue (3/2015) of the Croatian and Comparative Public Administration

  • The journal is edited by Ivan Koprić, Vedran Đulabić, and Romea Manojlović which are also members of WG I.
  • The issue 3/2015 of the Croatian and Comparative Public Administration contains articles drafted in the context of the work of Working Group I of the COST Action ‘LocRef’.
  • Content

‘LocRef’-POLLEADER Survey

  • Hubert Heinelt, Annick Magnier and Herwig Reynaert (Eds.): The European Mayor II: Political Leaders in the Changing Context of Local Democracy
  • The planned book will make a contribution to the debate on political leadership at the local level by referring to a survey on mayors of cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants in 31 European countries carried out from the end of 2014 to the end of 2015. The survey is based on a partnership between the COST project ‘Local Public Sector Reforms – an International Comparison’ (LocRef) and a network of scholars organised in the standing groups on Local Government and Politics (LOGOPOL) of the European Consortium of Political Science (ECPR) and/or in the European Urban Research  Association (EURA) which has carried out a number of surveys during the last 20 years.
  • Book Proposal

Policy Brochure Project

Local Autonomy Index

  • Andreas Ladner, Nicolas Keuffer, Harald Baldersheim (2015): Local Autonomy Index for European countries (1990-2014). Release 1.0. Brussels: European Commission.
  • The aim of the study is to create a Local Authority Index (LAI) which can be used to analyse and report changes in the amount of decentralisation of countries within the European Union. The measure of decentralisation is supposed to go beyond the share of funds managed by local authorities and should captures to what extent local authorities have a say in how these funds are spent.
  • Project leader is Prof. Dr. Andreas Ladner from the IDHEAP at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Harald Baldersheim from the University of Oslo (Norway). Both are members of the Management Committee of the COST Action “Local Public Sector Reforms”.
  • Factsheet
  • Final report

Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe

  • Guest editors:
    Paweł Swianiewicz – University of Warsaw, Poland (WG III)
    Filipe Teles – University of Aveiro, Portugal (WG III)
  • Special Issue – Approved by the International Review of Administrative Sciences (November 23, 2015). Articles will be submitted in September 2016.
  • The aim of this special issue is to explore the dynamics, experiences and drivers of Inter-municipal cooperation in Europe, given its increasing incidence in contemporary local governance.

WG III: Sub-Municipal Units (SMUs)

  • Norbert Kersting (WG IV) and Ellen Wayenberg (WG III)
  • During the COST Dubrovnik meeting, WG III has decided to further research Sub-Municipal Units (SMUs) across big/metropolitan cities. Our final aim is to make a special journal issue on this topic.

Linking Funds to Results? A Comparative Study of the Implementation of Performance Budgeting in Local Government

  • Pieter Bleyen, Geert Bouckaert, Stijn Lombaert, Christoph Reichard, Nicole Küchler-Stahn, Christian Schwab, Riccardo Mussari, Alfredo Tranfaglia, Daniel Klimovsky, Vitalis Nakrosis, Geraldine Robbins, Tobias Polzer
  • The article seeks to understand local government trajectories of reform through international comparison by contributing to the debate on the implementation of performance budgets as a new instrument of strategic control, steering, accountability and learning.

Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences

  • Senior Editor: Prof. Dr. Calin Hintea, College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babes Bolyai University
  • Special Issue 2015: Strategic Planning in Local Communities
  • The articles published in this volume are part of a broader research initiative done through ISCH COST Action IS1207 – Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison (‘LocRef’)
  • WGII Output
  • Link to the journal

International Review of Administrative Sciences, Volume 82 Number 2 March 2016

  • Guest Editors: Sabine Kuhlmann and Ellen Wayenberg
  • Special issue on Restructuring public functions in multi-level-systems: For better or for worse?
  • Table of Contents

Effects of Amalgamations. Evidence from Swiss Municipalities

  • Steiner, Reto / Kaiser, Claire (2016): Effects of Amalgamations. Evidence from Swiss Municipalities. Public Management Review (in print)

Special Issue of the International Journal of Public Sector Management

  • Steiner, Reto/Tapscott, Chris/Navarro, Carmen (2017): Is Local Always Better? Special Issue of the International Journal of Public Sector Management