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Acquisition of Key Competences

How do you acquire key competences?

Key competences can be acquired either in subject-specific courses or in “Studiumplus.” Studiumplus is a centrally organized component of bachelor’s degree programs that facilitates the acquisition of interdisciplinary key competences. The subject-specific regulations set out the scope of services that are interdisciplinary or in Studiumplus.

When planning the acquisition of key competences, the regulations of the subject-specific regulations and the time at which you enrolled at the University of Potsdam are decisive.


BAMA-O Catalog Studiumplus from Winter Semester 2013/14

Key competences include: Basic academic competences for a total of 12 credit points; these are taught on an interdisciplinary basis and are defined in the discipline-specific regulations.

Regulations for Studiumplus from Winter Semester 2009/10

The acquisition of key competences is organized into two phases: the basic phase and the advanced phase.

Regulations for Key Competences as of Winter Semester 2006/2007

These regulations apply to all bachelor’s students who enrolled before the winter semester 2009/2010 and whose course regulations require interdisciplinary key competences.

Students may select freely from among these modules, yet the subject-specific regulations may stipulate different rules or make recommendations. If the subject-specific regulations for bachelor’s studies do not specify interdisciplinary key competences, then these are typically earned through interdisciplinary courses.