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Zessko’s Language Cafés and Writing Assistance at the Campus Festival on May 25, 2023

Collage of two pictures of the Campus Festival: The Zessko’s booths with the wheel of fortune and the quiz with staff and students
Photo: Zessko

Exciting quizzes attracted this year’s festivalgoers to the two Zessko booths. The teams of the fields of language training, the language tandems, the language cafés, and the writing assistance with support from the tutors from the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Human Sciences were on-site.

Potsdam’s palaces, Friedrich’s potatoes, Canadian beavers, Argentinian tango, and French Camembert were among the many topics of the Zessko’s language team’s trivia questions at one of the booths at the Campus festival. And just as diverse are the topics at the language cafés in German, English, French, and Spanish.

One special highlight at the neighbouring booth was the big wheel of fortune, that was almost always spinning. Knowledge about academic writing could be tested, partly with rather tricky, partly with entertaining questions. The quiz’s participants could win prizes such as the popular cup of the writing assistance. Particularly the little festivalgoers enjoyed fun-fact-questions about academic writing. They were astonished by Friedrich Schiller’s particular liking of foul apples and Marie Curie’s radioactive notes.

Within the festival’s relaxed atmosphere many students got the chance to get to know the writing assistance and language cafés a bit better, to talk about writing module papers and theses, or to inform themselves about the writing assistance’s, language tandem’s, and language café’s offers. In the course of the afternoon, many questions about academic writing could be answered, and the participation in the Zessko’s language resources could be arranged, all the while enjoying coffee, cake, and pretzels.

Contact: Writing Assistance, Language Tandem and Language Cafés

Published on June 12, 2023