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Zessko Language Cafés at the Campus Festival on 19. May 2022

Students at round table playing a quiz
Photo: Zessko

Explore – Experience – Enjoy” – that was the Motto of the first Campus Festival back after two years break. Along with many other organisations and departments, Zessko had a stand on the Neues Palais lawn representing the language cafes and the language tandems. The German as a Foreign Language as well as the English and Spanish language cafes were all included.

The tricky language & cultural quizzes, which Mika Young, Jens Köhler, Celma Erdemir and Steffen Skowronek ran, enjoyed a great reception with the participants. The quiz table with the big, red buzzer saw constant action all afternoon, so much so that the cooled Club-Mate drinks and packets of gummy bears which quiz winners received only lasted so many rounds before they ran out. That did nothing to dampen spirits, however, as students were happy to keep the fun of the quiz going and inquired about language cafés and tandems long after the quiz prizes ran out.

At the information stand we were able to answer many more questions about what Zessko has to offer as well as questions concerning the language opportunities via UNIcert courses and other events such as presentation coaching and the writing advisory service.

Contact: Steffen Skowronek

Published on 11 July 2022