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Visit to the German Bundestag

U-Bahn Station Bundestag, Bundestag außen, Kuppel des Reichstagsgebäude von unten, Gruppenbilder
Photo: C. Jennerich

On December 9, 2022, we visited the Bundestag with 29 participants of the Study Preparation Brandenburg (SVB) program and the DSH-Course+. As part of Dr. Christian Jennerich's online lecture, which also familiarizes international students with the German political system, we had the opportunity not only to learn about the tasks of the Bundestag but also to visit the building. During our visit, we discussed the work in Parliament, even with Bent Pollück, a member of the staff of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. We began with a brief: technical aspects of voting on laws, why stenographers and not machines do the work, what specialist committees are for, and the process bills have to go through before they can be voted into law. We got the chance to ask Bent Pollück questions about very different topics. I have often participated in demonstrations and therefore wondered what psychological impact the demonstrations at the Bundestag have on the members of parliament. Other participants were interested, for instance, in support for public transport, the living conditions of refugees from Ukraine in Berlin, changes to the naturalization process, and the German government's stance toward the demonstrations in Iran. Thus, I found the opportunity to talk to someone who has to be well informed about such issues really exciting. However, I would say that the most important aspect of our visit was the comparison of parliamentary work between my home country Croatia and Germany. Only in this way can I really perceive the differences and become actively involved in Germany. The excursion ended after a visit to the Reichstag dome with a dinner in the Bundestag canteen.


Text: Paola Maya Šajina (participant of the DSH-Course+)

Contact: Dr. Christian Jennerich

Published on January 10, 2023