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Ukraine and Ukrainian in Focus: A Series of Courses at Zessko

Wortwolke und Kranz
Picture: istockphoto: N. Prachova (Kranz); ZIM

For everyone interested in Ukraine and the Ukrainian language and culture, the Department of Slavic Languages at Zessko is offering a series of courses with a workshop character in the Winter Semester.

The offer comprises three courses that approach the topic from different perspectives. In "Ukraine and Ukrainian: Country and People (a Workshop Series)", students can work individually or in groups on a wide range of topics related to the country and its culture. In "Ukraine and Ukrainian: Living Slavic Multilingualism," students who speak a Slavic language as a foreign or native language—whether Polish, Russian, Belarusian, Czech or another language—are invited to discover and develop their own multilingualism and to study various linguistic aspects of Ukrainian in comparison to other Slavic languages.

The offer is rounded off by a new language course, "Ukrainian as a Social Language." In this course, absolute beginners can become acquainted with a new exciting language, regardless if they know the Cyrillic script or not. The course can also accommodate students who have already learned another Slavic language.

All three courses can be taken and combined with each other in the Studiumplus module "Intercultural Communication." Teachers in the Slavic Languages Department will be happy to advise anyone who is interested.