Doctorate and Post-doctoral dissertation (Habilitation)

Do you have a question about promotion? Then feel free to send an e-mail to prommnfuni-potsdamde.

To submit documents, you can make an appointment or use the letterbox of the doctoral and habilitation office in the entrance area of house 28.

Information about the impact of the corona crises on disputations (date: 13.07.2022)

I have a question and/or would like to submit documents. How do I reach the doctoral office of the Faculty of Science?

Is it possible to submit the documents for the notification of doctoral intention/supervision agreement digitally?

Can I also submit my dissertation and the documents for opening my doctoral procedure digitally?

Rules for conducting the defense / video conference

Is it possible to bring family and friends to my defense?

Absolventin in schwarzem Talar

Doctoral Studies

Informations and Dates

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